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Reppy writes:

Van broken in to on Haddington Road [Dublin 4] yesterday. Looks like a small hacksaw blade severed the central locking wire loom through the gap in the drivers door and front wing, which then let them in to unlock the rear doors and cleaned out the contents of the van. Never even realised until the electric windows wouldn’t work as from the outside there was no evidence of a break in. Clever b*****ds

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.20.32The 45th Mount Argus scout troop HQ (above), Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6 (above) and container (top)

They took all the woggles.

Achille Martone writes:

I’m a scout leader for the 45th Mount Argus in Harold’s Cross. On Thursday April 23, between 11am-1pm, a shipping container packed full of all of our equipment was stolen. The whole container! The estimated worth of equipment is €20,000 to €25,000.

The financial loss is not the important issue is. We’re one of the last youth clubs in the area and have been left highly under-resourced by this heinous theft. This has and will impact the scout group for a number of years.

We have 100+ youths, aged from 6-17, and are one of the longest running groups in the country (est. 1929). If anyone saw a shipping container on the back of a flat bed truck going around Dublin on Thursday, April 23, or that weekend, any help would be much appreciated. There was a large logo on the side with CAI much like the one above. The serial on it is 247880. Thank you.