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  1. PIPEs

    dry rice absorbs moisture in the air. a quick and dirty potential solution to water damaged phone is to put it in a bag of rice.

    your’e welcome.

    1. Dan

      A lot of luck is involved with water damage. If a tiny amount of water gets into the wrong chip with a current running through it your phone is fecked. Ideally the motherboard would be washed in rubbing alcohol to remove water and impurities. Most reputable repair centres will have a machine that does this. The best thing you can do for a liquid damaged phone is turn it off/leave it off and DO NOT try and charge it, then bring it to a repair centre that uses an alcohol wash machine and a technician that has a clue about motherboards. If the alcohol wash doesn’t work then you’ll need to know a thing or two about identifying and replacing chips on a motherboard, however if the wrong chip is broken its game over for your beloved social life.

      1. Sheikh Yabooti

        Press your thumb against the inside of your windscreen when driving your Ford Cortina on gravelly roads.

  2. Zarathustra

    Rice is supposed to absorb moisture, so, if you drop your phone in the toilet I think they want you to bring it to them to be fixed, as opposed to buying a large sack, filling it with Uncle Ben’s and sticking your phone in it – although, I could be wrong.

    1. The People's Hero

      Instant rice (Uncle Bens) will be better as the husk will have been removed during cooking….

  3. The People's Hero

    Rice is deemed a desiccant – as in it absorbs moisture. However, ever wash rice? All you’re doing is washing away starch. Rice only absorbs moisture – water in this case – when it’s hot/boiling. So it’s useless to aid the drying of wet electronics devices. If you’ve a wet device, the best thing to use are molecular sieves…. Used in ‘Thirst Bags’….. Your friendly phone repair store will use these and assuming your device is not already fried, should help.

    1. Robert

      My experience, and that of a number of acquaintances, says you’re blathering horse manure

  4. Gers

    Rice does fix SOME water damaged phones. Mainly those who are dropped inside toilets and taken out quick, turned off and let to dry in a bag with rice for few days. The cake is a LIE.

    1. The People's Hero

      Uncooked rice is useless…. We need to dispel these myths…..

      Instant rice will help – as mentioned the husk sheathing the grain is removes in boiling… cous cous or porridge oats will be better. Even cat litter will help…

      1. Robert

        No. When it’s cooked its already absorbed moisture so will be less effective. Skewer folk knowledge for personal gain much?

        1. The People's Hero

          Robert. If you’re going to talk at he grown up table, please try bring something meaningful to the conversation. Rice is a very poor desiccant in this context. Uncooked, it’s husk will prevent absorption. Instant rice is par cooked and will offer marginal wicking properties but again, it’s not as good as other desiccants as described above.

          Any experience you might have had with rice is happenstance. So yeah, again you’re full of woo.

          And where on earth do you get the notion that I stand to personally gain from any of this.

          All I want to do is to dispel the myth that a bag of rice has the right properties to sort out soggy phones.

          My advice could very well save those unfortunate to drop their phone in the jacks a fair few bob.

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