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  1. nellyb

    there was also that, outside of quoted period:
    23 March 1976 – The EEC rejects the Irish government’s application for derogation from its directive for equal pay to men and women.

  2. The Old Boy

    I believe a Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis in the 70s passed a policy motion that no married woman should be given a job that was being sought by a man, or something to that effect.

  3. sendog

    Whilst its easy to blame Dev and the Church it is to simplistic a view. Yes they share alot of the blame of what happened in Ireland but we must also understand the context. The free state was on the verge of collapse for most of the first 30 years. It wasn’t until progressives like Lemas that things begin to settle. The free state and subsequent Republic in my opinion paid lip service to the proclamation. The civil service and institutions of English rule stayed intact. In fact they where strengthened. The state sought control. The church offered the moral control.

    This i believe lays the seeds on the current political climate. The management of power is the only lofty heights our politicians aspire too. No where is there ever leadership or vision. And thus how a teacher gifted his seat from his daddy can spend 30 years on the backbenches doing feck all can one day become a countries “leader”

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Oh, get a grip. The subject matter of the article speaks for itself. Get back to the 1930s, you’ll be happier there.

  4. han solo's carbonite dream

    balme dev all you want – the peoples voted him in time and again.
    the people sent their daughters to the magedelines..
    fupp blaming other…the people did this

    it’s a mixed bad listed above – they do go after errand fathers to pay maintenance.
    is this not a good thing – or is it swept under the rug of outrage in a rush to judge in 1920’s with our progression 1900 years ago.
    shame…shame on you all.

  5. dav

    The Savita Halappanavar case is a reflection on how much this country hates women and refuses them rights.

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