From the The Irish Rugby Union Players’ Association (IRUPA) in partnership with Zurich

Tackle Your Feelings.

A new mental wellbeing campaign that sees “national and international rugby stars come forward to tell their own personal story of the issues they have faced off the pitch”.

Emma Walsh, of IRUPA writes:

Munster Scrum-Half, Cathal Sheridan is one of the first players to come forward and tell his own personal story [more at link below].

Tackle Your Feelings

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8 thoughts on “Need A Shoulder?

  1. The Obsever

    Best looking piece of Irish manhood iVe seen in a long time. Red hair, masculine and obviously sensitive to boot. Form an orderly queue. My God! Oh and well done in the ad and the good cause. But seriously … Eddie Redmayne meets hunk of the century.

      1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

        This is dumb and Martin is dumb. Two dummies, just hanging out.

      2. Deluded

        I’m with Kieran on this Clampers- a positive flattering comment as opposed to a reductive and exclusionary jibe.

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