7 thoughts on “The School Of Brutalism

  1. ScaryLady

    Built in 1967, not 1947. Love that building even more now that they’ve finally fixed the heating!

    1. Frank McDonald

      How does pointing out that the Berkeley Library in TCD is also a Brutalist building make me a “right old whingebag”?

  2. kingo

    it’s possibly the best example of modern architecture in Ireland. McDonald might hang around with artichokes but he ain’t one.

    1. Frank McDonald

      I agree with you totally. Those curved glass windows were a masterstroke, and the shuttered concrete (which was done in Douglas Fir) is incomparable.

      1. Same old same old

        Serious question Frank. What makes this or that architectural feature ” great”? Technical complexity?Rarity? Materials? All three?

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