This morning/afternoon.

Scenes from the 1916 Easter Rising commemoration across Dublin including Commandant Pat Kelleher of the Irish Defences Forces with a copy of the The Proclamation of the Republic.

More as we get it.

Pics: Rollingnews, John Gallen

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25 thoughts on “All Rise

    1. Declan

      Funster – you’re mother rang and said she changed her mind – she loves you after all : )

  1. formerly known as @ireland.com

    The coverage on Aussie TV channel SBS mostly talked about the role of women in the Rising. I think someone wanted to avoid the real focus of the Rising.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Certainly does. She’s a lovely city when the sun shines, in spite of all our giving out.

  2. Kieran NYC

    The Aras always looks like it should be a hotel in Leitrim in the 50s. Beautiful, it is not.

  3. Jeff Carlin-Bartel

    I am not Irish. I live in the US. So I am wondering why this parade is so militarized? Wasn’t the Easter 1916 event about freedom for the Irish people? Here in the US we turn everything into a military or gun waving exercise. I understand that arms and other weapons were the tools of the fight for freedom, but they were not the essence of purpose of it. It was a fight for freedom. It was won. Celebrate that, not the tools of the fight but it’s fruits.

    1. St. John Smythe

      The problem is that the exact nature and value of the fruits is so contested, but ‘ssssshhh’, we won’t talk about that today.

  4. The People's Hero

    Having been lucky enough to attend a couple of events at the Aras over the years, it’s a spectacular house. It’s a simple, beautiful design and is very much of its time. Unlike sister design, the White House that has received a lot more ornamentation over the years. The reception rooms are exquisite too. There’s a layer of modernization to it too – as in it is the President’s place of work as it his his home. The contemporary elements are well hidden and in keeping with the rest of the house – externally anyway.

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