Ireland’s Call


Earlier this morning.

O’Connell Street in Dublin.

At the Easter Sunday State Commemoration Ceremony for the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

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63 thoughts on “Ireland’s Call

  1. dhaughton99

    Anyone get a screenshot of the tools in their shades while the Proclamation was being read. “Look lads, were on da telly. yup,yup”

  2. Don

    A disgrace that this eejit occupied such a prominent position while his colleagues did such a great job.

      1. St. John Smythe

        if he’s not put in front of a firing squad at dawn, I think its only fair that we all go rioting.

  3. Plumbob

    In his defence he wasn’t playing a role in the ceremony at the time. As you can see from the red tape he was in a spectator area and not in the ceremonial field at the time. I would imagine he has put a large amount of training into whatever role he was playing during the day and was caught out by an unfortunate television angle.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Yep. My first though was “there’s gonna be a lot of horrible sanctimonious eejits hammering this lad on the Internet.” looks like I was right, reading above.

  4. Bob Flynn

    He’s probably media liaison and taking a call about a media-related matter i.e. Doing his job!!!

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        It could of been downs his pants if my last trip home is anything to go by. What’s with that ?

  5. Anne

    He was obviously supposed to have a mobile.. they should give them those bluetooth wireless heatsets for mobiles and ye’d be none the wiser.

  6. St. John Smythe

    Probably his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend ringing up to tell him he looks like a ride in uniform on the telly.
    He’s like: “keep talking”, as his hand slips into his pocket

  7. Ron

    He behind the official line.. not part of the parade and he is the Army Press Officer. Unfortunate timing to be caught in that angle of the photo. I get it.. He shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing. We all make mistakes! As usual the PC brigade lose their poo and we have a trial by facebook. Fupp the facts.. everyone sharpen your pitch forks quick and let’s find him guilty. The media are fupping bottom orifices giving this air time. Poor lad will probably have to be reprimanded now to quell the faux outrage. An awful pity the same people don’t get as outraged over what the scum government are doing to them. This picture and all the comments just represents the real nasty side of the Irish public. Its always been there. A lot of begrudging bitter nasty btards that are only hoping he loses his job. I mean sure thats the Irish way isn’t it? Who does he think he is bettering himself and getting himself a good job in the army. I mean sure we have to bring him down a peg or two. Probably be a whole Joe Duffy show dedicated to him on Tuesday morning.

    1. Deluded

      He should have his spurs broken and thrown away, his belt cut and his phone broken over his head. For starters.

      1. Ron

        When I refer to the PC brigade, It stands for Proper Ladyparts. hope that clarifies the matter.

        1. St. John Smythe

          yes. yes, it does: so when you used PC brigade, you didn’t mean the universally understood meaning, but some random arcane acronym of your own secret understanding.

          Its like the time I went into a coffee shop and ordered a coffee, and when I got it I threw the scalding cup in the employee’s face. See, when I had ordered ‘coffee’, I had actually meant I wanted a cup of tea. The coffee-shop employee should have known that. Instead the manager called the police. Somehow I was the bad guy?? Political Correctness gone mad, I tell ye!

    2. lolly

      Nonsense. I couldn’t give a toss about it all but even to me it looks plain rude to be on the phone at an event like this. as it says above he is in uniform at an official event and he is ignoring the speeches and being disrespectful. I’ve had phone calls at much less important events – crappy art exhibition openings, launches of boring things of no consequence and I’ve always had the manners to not take the call. Yes it will be blown out of proportion tomorrow on Joe Duffy but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is still a gobshite as the original tweeter said.

      1. this Bacchus

        it seems he’s the army press officer so probably had good (official) reason to be on the phone. There’s another very sweet picture of him with an elderly wheelchair bound woman. But mentions that.

  8. Stanley Townsend

    As Press Officer his job is to answer the duty phone when it rings, especially during such a high profile event. He should have been able to do so in his position, off to the side in the press area, without RTE deciding to zoom in on it and have it on live TV for a few seconds, then some armchair warrior screenshot that and send it in to (who have since removed it).

    Note the medals on his chest before castigating the man and looking for his scalp over something that was rushed out for some cheap web traffic, completely out of context and a non story. Ironically….the very people he helps to do their job are the ones who caused all this nonsense on such a great day when it was one of their profession that he was talking to!

    1. Anne

      “RTE deciding to zoom in on it and have it on live TV for a few seconds,”

      I was just talking about this earlier with someone.. this was all caused by inappropriate camera action.
      RTE really have some not so talented camera men.

      I noticed it during the ‘leader’s debate’.. they kept zooming into Joan when she wasn’t even talking and all she could do was this strange smile, like she’s not freaky enough as it is.

  9. Mr M

    Behind the tape or not. Press officer or not. There is a speaker in front of him and the President to his left hand side. He is in a prominent place and should have the courtesy to take or make the call in a less high profile place. It is actually the cameraman who should be remarked for highlighting the arrogance of the plonker. What else did he expect? He’s behind the speaker!

    1. Stanley Townsend

      I don’t think you are getting it Mr M. His job was, literally, to answer that phone and liaise with the media, and do so while in the press area, helping out the assembled press who were there.

      Put a camera at any point parallel to the MC and left or right of her, and all sorts of “behind the scenes” things that are NOT part of the ceremony would appear if they don’t zoom in close enough. The problem here was entirely due to a camera shot that should not have been taken, and more importantly, should not have been broadcast live by the producer.

      He is not “arrogant” nor a “plonker”, he is doing his job and his assigned duty on the day. RTE are meant to know what to show during these tightly choreographed events, and zooming into the “speaker” (the MC of the event) who is not part of the ceremony, is not usually done. Someone wanted a side profile of the President, other dignitaries and the MC and chose the shot poorly. This would be akin to ANY live event where the camera wrongly pans left or right out of the event and you’d see the “off the stage” people doing their thing.

      Despite the clear explanation from the Defence Forces, some people still want to make something out of nothing, rather than appreciate the day for what it was.

    2. rotide

      “There is a speaker in front of him and the President to his left hand side”

      Someone needs a lesson in optics and ‘how cameras work’

  10. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Some people, in fairness, have that Larry Duff mentality that drives them to answer every call to their phone despite what important activity they’re doing. Ever at a minute’s silence in a stadium? Some idiot will always pick up the ringing phone. It’s habitual. Sure the world could collapse around them if they didn’t answer.

    It’s funny though – either the lad is one of those Larry Duff characters or it really was an event-related call. Is it worth fretting over and castigating the officer?
    Grow up Irish Media.

    1. Stanley Townsend

      It wasn’t during the minutes silence and was actually just after the President arrived and inspected the Guard of Honour, and before the wreath laying commenced.

      That aside, his job was to answer that phone to liaise with the media when it rings. Nothing Larry Duffy about it.

      1. Spagnolia von Hoop

        I said that he either picked up a trivial call (Larry Duff-like) or that it was an event-related call. Maybe he’ll be on the Late Late to address the rage of the nation…like the Love Hate cat did.

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