67 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Liffey Street

      1. dav

        well the economy is recovered thanks to the blushirt spin doctors, i suprised it didn’t win them the election, I mean they really believed their own lies

        1. Vote Rep #1

          What has that got to do with the Epicurean closing?

          Does an economy in recovery mean that people don’t want to eat bod standard fast food in a dirty hall?

      2. Neil

        I think Eoin is being sarcastic in his response. Our wonderful leader is preaching about the recover yet business that have been open for decades are still closing due to economic pressure. I didn’t think his comment really need an explanation but clearly it does

        1. Painkiller

          Moyest = Heavy, heavy ass-gravy

          Subtext: lay off with your verbal diarreah or go elsewhere.

  1. DubLoony

    Its been going downhill for a long time.
    Bit grubby, underused – it used to be packed in there.

    1. ahyeah

      I lived on north lotts around 15 years ago, and the food hall was a dirty kip back then. if it went further downhill…jaysus.

    2. munkifisht

      Went during on Christmas eve and thought exactly the same thing. The place shoulda been rammed, but it was dank, kinda grubby and quite chilly and didn’t seem to be attracting the same crowd it used to. Seemed a good few people were just sitting there without buying anything. The selection on show wasn’t great either (although I was happy enough with my Burrito). It felt more like a shortcut for the local geezers than a nice place to go and eat. Probably fair to say though its USP has been filtered out and now it’s quite common to get “that” kind of thing all over the city.

    1. Owen C

      Well done Dav. Never in NAMA. Property long held by a developer called Joe Layden. Seems like he’s selling off his properties bit by bit at the moment.

          1. Owen C

            I’m not defending him Dav – I’m simply pointing out that your comment was based around no actual factual information. Its like a buzzword alogrithm is posting your comments most of the time. #NAMA check. #RentIncrease check. #VultureFund full house Bob!

            You decided that this business closing down must be due to a NAMA rent increase or foreign vulture fund taking over – in fact its a long term Irish developer simply deciding he didn’t want to continue with it in its current form. Where does that situation sit with you? Should he be forced to keep the building open forever? Is what he’s doing ‘wrong’? What forced caused him to come to this decision? The scourge of old age perhaps?

    1. Christopher

      I was going to say! No one is going to miss it. I live across from it and every single time I thought Id give it a go Id take one look at the food and out of there.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        It was some kip alright. What kind of foot traffic did they think they’d be picking up on Liffey St anyway?

  2. han solo's carbonite dream

    my girlfriend loved mexcian so i brought her to the mexican in the there.
    she no longer liked mexcian after that day,.

    I did like the mexican that day though

    1. munkifisht

      I liked it too last time I was there. Thought it was decent and didn’t really have much awful to say about it, wouldn’t rave about it’s quality though.

    2. Paul

      similar experience here. Love a good burrito, didn’t get one there. Some ingredients piping hot and spicy and others freezing cold.

  3. Royal M

    It was nice when it first opened, although more recently the standard of food dropped sharply. It was better when it had the record shops

  4. Mr. Camomile T

    If you’re looking for an alternative to the epicurean, try the food hall in Moore Street Mall (downstairs, under the Lidl/Jury’s Inn on the corner of Moore St and Parnell St).

  5. Starina

    I worked in there more than 10 years ago. used to get free coffee from the Italians and free French food from Christophe’s (RIP Christophe). The Indo was still just down the road and their staff were the rudest bunch of entitled nonces ever…except for Aengus Fanning, who was instead a total sleazebag. Shudder.

    Couldn’t bear the place after I stopped working there, too dingy.

    1. Bexbot

      When the Indian place was a tiny booth in beside the wine shop, it had the best chicken tikka masala, still miss it!

  6. Joe835

    My thought process for that place usually went:

    “Gonna be good and walk down to the Epicurean Food Hall and have my pick of food from around the world”

    “Ah here it is, maybe I’ll have Mexican. Or Greek. Or Turkish. Or….god Burdock’s smells good”

    “Jayz Burdock’s smells really good. And there’s seats in there”

    “And they have a fish & chips meal deal”

    I never did get past the Liffey St entrance.

    Pity it’s gone though.

  7. The Real Jane

    Shame it’s gone – it was a great idea that didn’t quite come off. I didn’t really like the way the seating was – it was like having a deck chair on the pavement and always, always draughty so not really enjoyable. Also, a bit dingy. As time went on, the foods available started to look more and more unadventurous and old fashioned.

    Dublin could do with something in that line but a bit more upmarket though – a bit of comfort, clean, exciting foods and shops stocking the latest fads in ingredients.

  8. Polaroid Fluid

    only decent thing in there was the coffee from the italians, the rest was pure re-fried all-you-can eat for a fiver muck, it looked grim and cheap like a soviet era mall full of proles.

  9. Custo

    There used to be a fantastic kebab place in there about ten years ago. And the stew bar. But it’s been pretty awful for a long time now. Shame it went the way it did.

    1. some old queen

      It did have a few interesting stalls like Christophe’s but in the latter years the ‘all you can eat’ buffets took over. Even the Italians were at it. The Turkish went all kebab and the Indian merged with the Chinese.

      Maybe it was just me but it went from somewhere different to fifteen variations of deep fat fried everything. The concept is sound mind.

  10. munchkin

    The new mexican was fairly standard, there was a fantastic mexican about 4 + years ago.

    The whole food hall had issues though, aside from a few key tenants its was in flux with occupants a lot of the time, so I’d say bad management from those that were running the entire place.

    Huge effort was going to be needed to make the toilets ones that you might consider using – as the blue lights, and unsanitary appearance made it feel like something out of trainspotting.

    Will miss the place though.

  11. Ben Coughlan

    Food in there sucked, to be fair.

    Except for the Philly Steak place, that was the job. :)

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