The Irish Times’ Easter Rising



I notice that The Irish Times Saturday edition cost me an extra 20 cent at my local newsagent. An Easter rising indeed!

Norman Lowther,
Dublin 5.


Commemorating The Rising (Irish Times letters page)

5 thoughts on “The Irish Times’ Easter Rising

  1. Clampers Outside!

    That’d the agents of the Rebellion…… the raising agents.
    Skehan at the top of the page set me head goin’ off on a tangent…
    I’ll get me own coat.

  2. Cot

    The IT was wrapped in a facsimile edition of its Easter 1916 issue. The larger question is why is the Irish Times still going? It’s loosing a crap load of money every year and has just accepted money from Google to keep it going. No doubt the Google tax issue won’t get much coverage in the future.

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