17 thoughts on “Where Would They Have Been In 1916?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      You tell ’em Dav, you just don’t hold back, you tell ’em! And tell ’em again if you think they didn’t hear you!

      Blu-shirt! Blu-shirt! Blu-shirt! Azure-shirt! Blu-shirt! Denim-shirt! Blu-shirt!

  1. ivan

    She’d probably have moaned about the citizen army being able to afford them fancy guns as well…

  2. Medium Sized C


    Although, I guess Connolly didn’t see the massive ideological difference between himself and the likes of Pearse as an obstacle.

  3. Bonkers

    Nice on Flava Flav.

    A post Rising Joan would have cut the welfare of Volunteers who were disabled and then made their children homeless, all in the name of Labour

  4. brownbull

    there’s plenty who would say that Connolly sold out Socialism for Nationalism……..
    While Gilmore is pilloried for having said ‘Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s way,’ there is a parallel with Connolly claiming the ICA served neither King nor Kaiser then signing a Proclamation entering into war against the British Empire alongside ‘their gallant allies in Europe,’ Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire.

  5. veritas

    when you add up the death toll from the rising,the war of independence and the civil war there is a good chance you would find a great many of those left behind would agree with the sentiment expressed.

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