Broadsheet Trailer Park: Game of Thrones: Season 6



What you may need to know:

1. It’s the first season not based on George RR Martin’s books, so fans have no idea what will go down.

2. But Jon Snow (who knows nothing) is dead. Probably.

To be honest I could never get into Game of Thrones, so I have no idea what’s going on here.

4. I do know that it’s about Lannisters and Starks and dragons. And goblins, maybe?

5. And rape. Loads of rape. It’s not the sort of thing that the beardy pig-loving bloke off the Vodafone ad would stick on to woo his lady friend.

While I’m killing sacred cows… The Wire wasn’t all that either.

Broadsheet prognosis: Is it too late for a Leeroy Jenkins cameo?

Release Date:
April 25 (Sky Atlantic).

30 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Game of Thrones: Season 6

  1. Parky Mark

    There isn’t that much rape tbh. At least in point 3 you let people know you don’t know what you’re talking about in 5.
    Point 6 is just pure trolling.

    1. Fairhill

      A reviewer who doesn’t like /know Game of Thrones, worst I’ve heard since the Donegal TV AM TV reviewer who didn’t watch TV. I’m going to start reviewing restaurants from home reading Trip advisor if your looking for someone for

  2. ahjayzis

    Totes hesitant about watching this lest it colour the new book (if that fat bastard gets around to finishing it before dying!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!ahaon!!)

  3. beardedrambler

    Loved the wire ! did not love the ending !

    Not sure we’ll see a Leeroy Jenkins cameo however :(

  4. Quint

    ‘The Wire wasn’t all that either’ You what??? Maybe it was just too slow moving, too detailed, too clever, too well-written, too layered, too complex and too black for you to handle.

        1. rotide


          First time I saw CSI Miami, I honestly thought it was a spoof of the vegas one. By the time the end credits rolled around (brought on by a dissolving montage of horatio and blondey criminalist on the beach, baywatch style), i wasn’t convcinced otherwise

  5. rory

    The Wire is notoriously hard to get into (it took me about 4 episodes) and its not perfect by any means. But it is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. It’s educational too. I’d recommend you give it a second go.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I’ve tried a few times, and, I have to say, really not my cup of tea. It is a well-made, well-written and well-acted series, but I couldn’t enjoy it. I don’t know why. The other half loves it.

      That said, I don’t like Game of Thrones.

      *awaits volley of abuse*

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          His accent is a wee bit mad though, innit?

          (I don’t hold that against him, mind.)

          1. Kieran NYC

            His Irish accent sounds about as convincing as Jonathan Rhys Meyers’.

            They really are odd.

  6. Mak Adron

    Let’s dispel with the fiction that HBO didn’t know what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were doing when they withhold the trailer for so long.

  7. daniel jack

    I just love hearing GOTs rating because they are insane !!!! Abnormal for a tv show on a paid channel!

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