Chess Grand Master Gawain Jones

Further to last week’s call for young Irish chess players.

John McMorrow, chairman of the Irish Chess Union, writes:

The Espion Irish Junior Chess Championships [starting tomorrow at the Fitzpatrick Hotel, Killiney, Co Dublin] now has 140 confirmed junior entrants and we hope to see a final number of somewhere around 200 with entries on the day.

There’ll be events for all ages with competitions from Under 8s all the way up to under 19s as well as a competition for teachers and parents.

Games start at 7pm on Friday evening for the u12-u19s and will finish on Sunday alongside several one day rapid-play events for u8s-u12s.

As well as the main events, there will also be an outdoor plastic giant board and pieces available for fun games, lessons for beginners and a lecture/Q/A session from the parent of Grand Master Gawain Jones on the challenges and privilege of being the parent of a top chess player.

The Espion Irish Junior Championships 2016

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10 thoughts on “Ah Gawain

  1. Mysterybeat

    Kelly is such a waste of space. Suddenly now it’s the constitution’s fault. It used to be Michael Noonan’s fault. I’m sure it’s the homeless people’s fault too. But it’s never Alan’s fault.

    1. Mysterybeat

      Hmm…I was sure that was posted in Alan Kelly post, but hey, I’m sure it’s probably the chess grandmaster’s fault there’s a homelessness crisis too.

    1. rotide

      Gawain outta dat

      Imagine calling your son a traditional name from your country! Next youll have nigerian lads called Mbele, madness!

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