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Wild Rocket – touring Ireland in April

Here’s what you may need to know…

1. Here’s that unfathomably heavy dose of psychey, synthy, doomy, spacey noise you ordered, courtesy of Dublin four-piece Wild Rocket, an amalgam of all manner of weighty musical matters and celestial themes.

2. 2014 saw the release of debut LP Geomagnetic Hallucinations, back in very limited stock again on 12″ at their Bandcamp page (track Interplanetary Vibrations streaming above). While you’re there, get your lugholes on a free live album from 2015’s Siege of Limerick: Earrach, for a dose of the band in their natural environment.

3. The lads have a busy April ahead of them, playing Dublin’s Reverberation Weekend at the Grand Social on April 8th, alongside bands like Scots The Cosmic Dead and Dublin krautrock duo Twinkranes

4. …before going on an excursion around the country, co-headlining with fellow Dubliners Venus Sleeps, on the grandiosely titled ‘Infinite Crossroads Tour’. April 28th, they’ll be playing On the Rox in Dublin, the 29th sees them playing Cork Community Print Shop, and on the 30th, they’ll be at Feasant Fest, in Emmett’s of Ballina, Co. Mayo. Finally, on the 1st of May, they’ll be at Galway’s Loft, as part of the venue’s Walpurgis Night.

Verdict: Ample riff worship for doom devotees, enough synths and oddness to intrigue prog and psych heads. Catch ’em live for best effect.

Wild Rocket

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7 thoughts on “You May Like This: Wild Rocket

  1. Tarfton Clax

    That is pretty damn good music. Great to hear more real music coming from Ireland. There is a Serious Metal/Psych/Doom thing happening in the country these days. The Spirit of the Age!

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