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From top: Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri [founder of the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council]; The launch of an ‘anti-extremism declaration’ by the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council in Trinity College Dublin on Thursday night; podcast of yesterday’s Talking Points

Newstalk’s Talking Point with Sarah Carey yesterday morning, discussed the response to ‘Islamic terrorism at home and abroad’.

The panel included Declan Power, security analyst and former soldier who has worked in support of UN missions; Roja Fazaeli, lecturer in Islamic studies at Trinity College Dublin; Carol Hunt, Independent Alliance Seanad candidate on the NUI panel and Sunday Independent columnist; and Julien Mercille, lecturer at UCD and ‘sheet columnist.

Earlier this month the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council [IMPIC] released  an ‘anti-extremism declaration’ stipulating that it should be a visa condition for foreign speakers.

IMPIC held a meeting in Trinity College Dublin last Thursday in which visiting muslim speaker Shaykh Fakhruddin Owaisi, chairman of the Council of Sunni Imams in Cape Town, South Africa, signed the declaration.

Both Declan Power and Carol Hunt had attended the meeting alongside diplomatic staff from France, Egypt, Turkey and Iran, and the Pakistani and Belgian embassies to Ireland.

Grab a tay…

Sarah Carey: “Declan Power, you were at that seminar in Trinity during the week about preventing radicalisation and, at it, a statement was produced. The person running it was Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri [founder of the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council] and it’s a statement that he wants all visiting Muslim lecturers to sign and it says things like, ‘I unequivocally reject, disown and condemn all terrorism committed in the name of Islam by any militant group… I believe that terrorism is never a legitimate and honourable act of war, but is always a cowardly act of indiscriminate murder’ and it goes on. Now, I can see what they’re trying to do. That if radicalising lecturers are coming in, they want them to sign this and, if they don’t, we’ll know that they’re one of the bad guys. But could you imagine, in the 1980s, going to the UK, and you want to give a lecture somewhere and somebody produces this statement that you have to sign…”

Power: “Yeah, yeah.”

Carey:Is it not really insulting?

Power: “Well now hold on…”

Julien Mercille:Yes.”

Power: “There’s a number of…”

Carey: “It was brought up..”

Power: “It was brought up, yeah, and there’s a couple of points here that we can’t gloss over and, just to take what Carol [Hunt] was saying, just to take it a stage further. Despite the repressive era, I wouldn’t dispute anything you’re saying, but that didn’t produce terrorism in Ireland in itself. Not to get bogged down in that..”

Carey: “I’m… yeah..”

Power: “But there were a number of other factors and this kind of links in with what both Roja and Julien were saying and the varying factors. We can’t ignore it. The former Australian soldier and practitioner and theorist in counter insurgency David Kilcullen talks and wrote about the accidental terrorist. And an awful lot of people in this current iteration of terrorism have found themselves becoming terrorists by a combination of bizarre and unusual factors of disenchantment, of a whole variety of things. Like, for instance, IS prospered largely because the Iraqi officer core were disestablished and they weren’t ideologues so much themselves. But they were mad as hell that their prestige had been taken away from them, their rank in society and they gave IS their military prowess, the planning and the execution of the military operations that gave them success. They’re not the guys you see cutting people’s heads off or roaring and shouting. They’re not into that side of things. And we kind of forget some of the factors. And, you know, Kilcullen is scathing in his criticism of the US in terms of how they misinterpret it, things and they did, so it comes back to, in terms of dealing with terrorism what you’ve got to do is, first of all, not alienate those who are on your side which now brings me to your point. Eventually, I apologise. But I think it was important, maybe, just to give context.”

Carey: “Yeah, that’s OK.”

Power: “I hear, I don’t know about the rest of you, but every time there’s an attack of an outrage of some sort there’s usually some very hard-nosed people who will say, oh, you know, ‘why don’t they give out about it, we don’t see the muslims standing up for it’. And I will usually counter it and say, ‘well I’ve heard X or Y’. Now here in Dublin we’ve seen Shaykh Al-Qadri and a number of others, you know, he’s not just talking of his own benefit, stand up, a muslim-driven initiative within the muslim community and where they’re not asking the State to do it, they’re attempting to give leadership to their own community to say, ‘well this is what we stand for’ and they’re using this as an exhibit, like it or lump it, this declaration. They’re not asking all muslims to have to sign it or even all mosques. They’re talking about people coming into our lives..”

Mercille: “There’s a bit of a trap there though.”

Power: “Hold on, I support the concept of that..”

Hunt: “There were muslim people there who supported this absolutely.”

Power: “They’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t.”

Mercille:There’s a trap there.

Talk over each other

Hunt:By saying that you’re infantilising them, that they can’t make their own decisions.”

Mercille: “As Sarah was saying to ask muslims, ‘oh, do you, do you oppose this act of terrorism?’ Like you said we don’t do that to any of us when some of our states bomb Syria and Iraq right? Muslims are not responsible.”

Carey: “Roja, how do you feel about this statement?”

Roja Fazaeli: “To be honest, well I wasn’t at the talk so I suppose the discussion that went on is important to understanding it as well. I read some part of it, I read the Irish Times. The statement itself I don’t have a problem with and I agree that, you know, there is always talks about the muslims themselves doing it even though I have a problem even with saying ‘the muslims’ because who are these muslims? The diversity and so on. You just take so much away from even lumping everyone as ‘muslims’. I know Shaykh Al-Qadri and I know where his heart lies and I don’t think it’s a negative thing for this to be out. I don’t know how it’s going to be implemented, it will be interesting to see where it goes…”

Hunt: “He did say it was a work in progress.”

Fazaeli: “And  I think that’s important.”

Carey: “But say, if you had a colleague from a university over from a university in the UK and you were inviting them over to give a talk to your class and this statement was produced and they were asked to sign it. I mean would you ask them to sign it?

Fazaeli: “Who is going to implement this? Who’s going to…”

Carey: “Ok, let’s say..”

Talk over each other

Mercille: “It’s very insulting. I would never go to a talk if I was asked, ‘do you renounce the violence of Ireland?‘”

Power: “Sorry, Sarah..”

Carey: “Do Julien, do you understand why they’re doing it. That they’re afraid of radicalised lecturers coming in here to sell a message.”

Mercille: “Maybe politically it’s a good thing because everybody is asking him to do it but it’s a trap that you don’t want to fall into. You don’t want to have to set a standard by which muslims have to apologise for everything…”

Hunt: “They’re not apologising…”

Mercille: “Well, they’re saying, ‘I renounce..'”

Power: “No, hold on a second, the key thing and I heard Dr Al-Qadri talk about this, I think, in this station. The key thing he’s asking is that visiting clerics would sign a declaration that they wouldn’t attempt to radicalise while in this country. That they wouldn’t preach against the values of this country. And this is coming from a muslim voice. And there’s one other point I wanted to give: a parallel. It’s not that long ago I can remember reading letters to the Irish Times signed by various worthy academics wanting academic boycotts of Israel and various other types of limitations in Israel. Now I’m not saying that Israel doesn’t have issues to answer, at times, but I’m always very uncomfortable about things where you’re trying to limit people. So I did give this whole thing consideration. And, at the end of the day, if I was an Irish academic in the 1980s going over to lecture in history or something like that and the British state asked me to sign a declaration…”

Hunt: “But it’s not the state, it would be…”

Power: “Well sorry, yeah..”

Hunt: “Fellow Irish..”

Power: “Even if the British state had asked me to sign it I would sign it because I would understand how important it was for Irish people at that time to be able to stand up and say, ‘I’m an Irish citizen and what they’re doing, this group, is nothing to do with me and I don’t want to be seen as an instrument of radicalisation’.”

Carey: “I want to let Roja back in on that.”

Fazaeli: “You said something there Declan about this being signed by muslim clerics because I hear kind of contradicting, is it clerics? Or lecturers? There’s a huge difference. So…”

Power: “As I understood it was aimed primarily at visiting clerics who are coming to preach who would be in a powerful position to influence.”

Talk over each other

Hunt:The analogy that was given that there are in universities in Britain, they said they had heard very extremist talks given in lectures and that’s what they tried to stop.”

Carey: “But Carol do you not see how it’s setting up a dichotomy? That there’s us and them and they have to declare themselves…”

Hunt: “No but they, and this was actually brought up at the discussion and the muslim representatives, the clerics there said no, it’s not us and them, it’s us. This is all us. This is what we are trying t do.”

Carey: “So the fact that it’s coming from them, from the muslim community…”

Hunt: “From them, yes, they said this is what they are doing, this is the important thing.”

Talk over each other

Hunt:Not me that’s what they said, the same arguments came up and that’s what they said.”

Fazaeli: “As I said I wasn’t there that night but there is something to be said again, saying that, you know, Shaykh Al-Qadri is speaking for all muslims in Ireland because there is..”

Power: “But he’s not..”

Hunt: “No he’s not..”

Fazaeli: “He’s not, no but we shouldn’t think that he is or..”

Power: “I agree, I agree..”

Fazaeli: “And he is a good voice, it’s not that he’s not but he’s…”

Power: “He’s an alternative voice.”

Fazaeli: “He’s an alternative voice, exactly.”

Power: “I agree. The best thing, I think, to come out of this is that it reminds us, this goes back to the earlier points that Roja was saying that there are layers and nuances and differentiations within the Islamic community in Ireland and elsewhere and it’s giving a platform to a debate within the muslim community being had in public. And I, for one, welcome it and I endorse it…”

Carey: “So Julien does it make any difference to you that this is coming from within the muslim community, it’s not, you know, Christians in Ireland imposing this.”

Mercille: “Well it’s OK but for the reasons you said I agree with you, it’s setting up this us and them thing. In Ireland, you know…”

Carey: “But it’s coming from them, this statement is coming from them…”

Mercille: “It’s ok yeah, it may be better than non-muslims forcing them to do it but it doesn’t mean I think the statement is amazing or anything like that. I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever.”

Power: “But do you not welcome the bit of discussion and debate that it’s giving rise to…”

Talk over each other

Mercille: “But when you force people…Look, the thing is, let’s say you want to talk about Ireland, what we should do. We talked about the muslims now for 45 minutes, right? We should talk about what the Irish government can do…Shannon Airport hasn’t been mentioned yet on this show.”

Power: “Well do you want to mention Shannon? I read your piece about Shannon…”

Talk over each other

Power: “And I noticed that you left out the two UN resolutions.”

Talk over each other

Carey: “Let him make his point about Shannon.”

Mercille:Shannon Airport is the one contribution Ireland has made to allow US troops to go bomb the Middle East, right? So if there’s one thing we could do to reduce the threat of terrorism on Ireland it’s to close Shannon Airport to US troops.”


Mercille:Because terrorists react to foreign policy. If you don’t understand that you shouldn’t be part of the discussion…”

Hunt:No they don’t. No, no, no, no, no, actually”

Mercille:Yes, they do.”

Hunt:No, no.”

Mercille: “Intelligence agencies agree with me, right? It’s not just me. CIA knows that very well. If you bomb the country and there’s a response to it you shouldn’t be surprised and there will be more on Europe, there will be more on the US…”

Power: That’s very irresponsible.”

Talk over each other

Power: “I have to come in there because there’s a degree of, Julien, with all due respects, I read your piece. It was in The Journal and again everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I’ve a concern here Julien because you’re kind of doing this from the luxury of not giving full context. First of all, the reason that Shannon is in use, there are two particular points here that are very relevant. The reason Shannon is in use is not because of some little secret agreement between the Irish government and the US – there are two UN resolutions that underpin the reconstruction and stabilisation of both Iraq and Afghanistan. And as part of that it’s facilitating those US, those UN resolutions. If it was another…”

Mercille:So Shannon is being used for the reconstruction of Iraq, is that what you said?

Power: “Hold on a second..”

Mercille: “That’s what you said.”

Power: That’s not what I’m saying, it’s not what I’m saying, it’s what the United Nations are saying and we’re members of the United Nations and we can’t pick and choose..”

Mercille: “That’s just not true, look.”

Power: “Oh you want to dismiss…”

Mercille: “If you don’t understand that Shannon is used to bomb the Middle East..”

Power: “You’re an academic, I suggest you get your facts right…”

Mercille: “If you don’t understand that Shannon is used to bomb the Middle East just go talk to soldiers or something..”

Power: “Hang on a second, hold on a second. I was, let me finish this. I was a soldier, I’ve gone beyond the lofty halls of academia.”

Mercille: “You’re arguing that Shannon Airport is used to reconstruct Iraq? That’s…”

Power: “Hold on, hold on, no there’s an important point here Julien, I don’t mind you disagreeing with me but let’s stay in the realm of fact. For a start, the aircraft that fly through Shannon are transport aircraft, they have troops on them, they have a certain degree of their personal weapons and whatever else. And they’re flying out as part of UN-sponsored, UN-endorsed missions. Now, do you accept that fact?”

Mercille: “The US military there…”

Power: “Do you accept the fact?”

Mercille: “The US military there is going to…”

Power: “Because we’re going to be arguing at cross purposes here…”

Mercille: “…Afghanistan right and operations in the Middle East right. If you want to pitch that under a UN fig leaf or some…”

Talk over each other

Power: “You seem to think I’m making this up as I go along. Ok, we’re not going to get anywhere on this. You don’t accept that there are two UN resolutions underpinning the use of Shannon Airport.”

Mercille: “I don’t accept that Shannon Airport is used for peaceful purposes by the US military.”

Listen back in full here

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Pic: Rollingnews. Carol Hunt

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72 thoughts on “Declare And Present Danger

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    The following line is missing from the end of the transcript:
    Power: “Hold on”

  2. Pardon

    Mercille’s debating skills are as limited as his literary skills.A well established fact deduced from reading his posts and listening to this twaddle on Dob’s radio station. * hums* to Alanis.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Well A) Alanis didn’t know the meaning of ironic.
      and B) I don’t think that Declan Power succeeded in addressing the point that Mercille brought up, apart from letting us know that he used to be a soldier.

        1. Fergus the magic postman

          Shannon Airport is the one contribution Ireland has made to allow US troops to go bomb the Middle East, right? So if there’s one thing we could do to reduce the threat of terrorism on Ireland it’s to close Shannon Airport to US troops.
          There’s a point based on fact for you.

          1. B Hewson

            + Umar Al-qadri seems like a reasonable man. Courageous standing up visibly and calling out Muslim people to declare where they stand.

      1. Praetorian

        …and a brutal soldier at that,a desk officer…a prodigy of AHQ,never served as an OP officer with a platoon or company of lads at the coalface on overseas service…a desk jockey with HQ Coy.there are privates out there with more experiance and credibility than Power.
        If he was any good of an officer he’d still be serving instead of jumping ship with his 12yr officers pension.
        Only one thing worse than an officer is an officer with an opinion.

    2. Twunt

      Mercille and his ilk are so full of self loathing and guilt for being born into a privileged position than they will not rest until we have given up everything. It is equal parts pathetic and disgusting.

      1. Baz

        I notice that broadsheet edited Mercilles comments to his benefit, it’s not a correct Transcript as I was listening , Mercille demanded the closing of Shannon, broadsheet have added (to US troops)

        It’s either a transcript or it isn’t, it’s unethical to edit with bias.

        1. Bobby

          Broadsheet have jumped the shark, sadly. They used to be a force for change and now they’re just a conspiracy rag. It’s genuinely saddening. They could have been something.

          1. Harry Molloy

            don’t know if they were ever a force for change, I found it to be a light hearted mess fest, but conspiracy rag I completely agree with.

            which is grand I suppose as it seems to be an editorial decision and they are at least not purporting to offer anything like balance

          2. Anne

            You know what a conspiracy is right?

            A conspiracy is an agreement by two or more people to commit an illegal or subversive act. Sorry to inform you, you’ve been misled on occasion.. this sh*t happens.. all the time.

          3. Anne

            Transcripts of conversations held on the national radio are not conspiracies, neither is commentary on for instance work/ life balance from an economist.
            Musings from political candidates, and lecturers are also not conspiracies.

            Nor are cat/dog pics, ‘where would you get it’ pics, or things that look like Ireland pics.
            Art and movie reviews are also not conspiracies.

            Learn to just read what’s in front of you Harold/Bobby.

          4. rory

            Besides the odd commenter (e.g. Zuppy, who left here in protest because nobody would listen to him), what makes you think Broadsheet has become a conspiracy rag?

          5. Anne

            “believes that sandy hook was a fake and the belgium bombings didn’t happen.”

            There you go again Rotsey, taking inferences to links to news articles that weren’t given.

            Seriously, your trolling of broadsheet is very boring at this stage.

            A transcript goes up from a radio or tv programme and you come on here demanding the intention behind them. Grow up.

        2. Anne

          I aint your love Harold.

          Whatever Bodger believes or questions is not indicative of what every post on the site is about.

          You might think branding any questioning of what the media presents to us as a conspiracy theory, dismisses that reasoning without any consideration needed at all. Eh, it doesn’t. It’s an idiotic term unthinking people use, who can’t be arsed to do any research on any historical event.

          As a said, conspiracies happen.. quite a lot in this country as things go.
          Do you need another tribunal or two to convince you of this?

          1. Harry Molloy

            believing, or assuming, that everything “the establishment” says is a lie is implying that it’s all a massive conspiracy against the people. that’s the less sexy conspiracy side of the site, the off the wall stuff comes from the good doctor and bobger as rotide laid out.

            and you’re contradicting yourself, read your last line

          2. Anne

            You don’t seem to understand what a conspiracy is. You might think it’s a term that you can just use pejoratively to dismiss the merits of any discussion on matters.

            A conspiracy involves two or more people conspiring in secret,colluding to do something that is illegal or harmful. We don’t need another tribunal to know we have been lied to Harold, that secrets have been kept from us.
            There’s no contradiction there.

            If you don’t think there’s a massive conspiracy by the establishment in Ireland, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on or has been going on since the foundation of this state Harold. I suggest you do some reading.

          3. Anne

            I’m explaining to you what’s evident to any thinking person who resides in this country Harold and what a conspiracy actually means. I don’t speak for this site.

            You need to figure things out for yourself … I think the admins here don’t tell anyone how to think.
            That’s an awful dilemma for the likes of you and Rotsey who want meaning and intentions from transcripts of conversations on the national airwaves or what’s been said by the likes of Catherine Murphy in the Dail -who has uncovered a ton of ‘conspiracies’ by the way. Mick Wallace too.

            You need to just read what’s in front of you Harold.

          4. Anne

            “Anne thinks that the concept of ‘conspiracy theory’ is a conspiracy.”


            The term is used pejoratively by people who typically haven’t done any done research on what’s being discussed, and think they can dismiss any questioning of what we’re being fed, by sneering ‘oh look another conspiracy theorist’, when they don’t even know what a conspiracy is.

            ‘The Ministry of Truth, Winston’s place of work, contained, it was said, three thousand rooms above ground level, and corresponding ramifications below. ‘

        3. Clampers Outside!

          Em, don’t you think if they were conspiring on something they would have been changing the meaning of what he said rather than having not done so?

          I agree, a transcript is a transcript. Maybe brackets or what ever is the correct editorial way of introducing those words to clarify the point would help… but calling conspiracy…. give over :)

  3. M

    Those Muslim folk are the smartest people in the world..

    In 1993 the managed to bomb the WTC by somehow persuading John Anticef of the FBI to build the bomb for them.. On 9/11 they managed to get a Boeing 767 (wingspan 135 feet) into a 15 foot hole in the Pentagon.. In the Bali bombings three Muslim motorbike mechanics with IQ’s approaching retarded somehow managed to build a bomb in their garage that destroyed 422 buildings… In the Madrid attack of the 39 Muslim suspects 37 had a relationship of some kind with Police or Army intelligence – sucking them in before pouncing no doubt… In London they managed to get that train from Luton to London in time for the bombings even though that train was cancelled that day.. In Mumbai (2006) the 13 Muslim so called culprits had unimpeachable alibis and their mobile phone records showed that they were miles away from the carnage but they still managed to get themselves found guilty… In Mumbai (2008) they were so considerate to lay a siege for four days and completely obliterate the round the clock media coverage of the Malegaon bombing investigation where confiscated laptops held video and audio recordings of Indian Army officers planning terrorist attacks and giving out that Israel wasn’t giving them enough weapons to carry them out… Ohh and the first thing they did was kill the lead ATS officer (Hemant Karkare) who was leading that investigation… In the Boston the amazingly smart Muslims managed – somehow – to have a full beard the day before the bombings and a full beard the day after the bombings, but was clean shaven in the footage that was recorded of them at the scene… moments after the Boston Globe had tweeted there was about to be a staged ‘drill’ at the finish line… In the Paris at Charlie Hebdo the amazingly smart Muslims somehow figured out how to shoot a man a point blank range with a Khalasnikov but produce no head recoil or blood splatter at the scene… In San Bernnadino the super smart Muslims managed to get shot in the vehicle while they were both handcuffed… In Brussels the amazingly sophisticated Muslims managed to carry out their deadly sacrifice on a Satanic holiday (3/22) called the Feast of Pelusia, consisting of – get this – ‘the invocation of Isis They are such smart dudes.

    Meanwhile, here in Ireland, we debate the merits of asking any of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world that come ere to sign a piece of paper.

    I’m so proud right now.

    (Coda – Muslims were actually responsible for the Oklahoma City bombings in the form of former Iraqi Republican Guards – but you’re not supposed to know that.)

      1. M

        I don’t believe that’s a sincere question Harry.

        But on the off-chance that it is; I’ll say that there is no reason to believe that anybody
        died that day – and the school was closed about four years before the ‘attack’.

        1. Harry Molloy

          you already know I’m cynical but no harm getting your knowledge out there. and I am sure that one or some may be proved true some day.

          on that note, are you aware of any Irish conspiracies?

          1. M

            I’ve a massive one about Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams.

            But nobody would believe me so I’m not even going to try.

        2. rotide

          It’s sad that someone presented with an education in a first world country falls back to this sort of poo.

          What I love is that these people think they are the only ones with the wit to see these things for what they really are. What do they do with these supreme intellect and wit? High court Judge? Business Tycoon? Top prize winner on Who wants to be a millionaire?

          Nah, they put their amazing mind to work in some low end job… in hiding from the NWO no doubt.

        1. rory

          Good stuff. Considering the controversial picture you are are painting, perhaps it might be best to supply some links verifying your claims, if you have the time.

          1. M

            Any selection of links would be random at best…

            The one that I would love people to look into is the 2008 Mumbai siege… Three months before it, a bomb went off in the Indian city of Maleagon.. The quickly traced the motorcycle used to an Indian nun… and from there they discovered her links to an Indian Army officer Lt. Col. Purohit… So they searched his gaff and confiscated his laptop… On the laptop they found that he had recorded meetings with other Army officers discussing how they had been responsible for several terrorist attacks – to be blamed on Muslims of course – and had more in the works… this is part of the audio recorded:

            LT COL PUROHIT: “Swamiji, we haven’t spoken about certain things, but two operations have been done by us. One of our own officers has visited Israel for training and meeting and there was a very positive response… We demanded four things from Israel — continuous and uninterrupted supply of arms and training, our office with a saffron flag in Tel Aviv, political asylum and support for our cause of a Hindu Nation in the UN. Israel has asked us to SHOW SOMETHING ON THE GROUND and have promised at least a supply of arms and political asylum… ”

            Col. Purohit: “The Israelis ask us to give them proof of our involvement. What more proof do they need? We have completed two successful operations.”


            So this was building up to be one of the biggest news stories in the history of India.. all the 24 hour news channels had breathless wall to wall coverage of the latest developments… UNTIL… about 10pm on 26 November the coverage was abruptly interrupted by the ‘incident’ developing in Mumbai… And of the 164 people that were to die over the next four days, the first person to be killed was (Muslim) Hemant Karkare who was leading the Maleagon investigation…

            And you’ll remember that one of the scenes of the carnage was Nariman (Israeli) House… well wasn’t interesting that (as reported in DNA on the 28th by Anand Raorane, a resident of a building opposite Nariman House), that she heard sounds of celebration from the (remember – supposedly Muslim) terrorists there when the news of Karkare getting killed was flashed on TV.. all of which was only one hour into the four day event…. Hmmm.

            The investigation into Maleagon was completely forgotten, Karkare was dead, and the media were able to sound their ‘anguish’ at the spectre of Muslim terrorism once again…

            2016 Update: A news report from October 2015:

            Malegaon blasts: NIA may let off Sadhvi Pragya, Lt Col Purohit


            Talk about a successful mission. And nobody has a clue. Even today.

            ‘Through deception thou shalt do war.’

          2. Bobby

            You’re trying to argue with a retard. I suggest you let them be and go enjoy the life they never can.

        2. B Bop

          This “M” actually does have a point with the whole Mumbai bombings atrocity…the Sunday Times a few years ago did an excellent investigative piece on same & proved Israeli involvement. There was also the almost unreported fact of an entire Jewish family murdered near the Taj hotel.

    1. Bobby

      It’s sad that you’d actually have to watch your family die in front of you before you admitted it happened, and even them you’d claim it happened differently. But that’s morons for you.

  4. M

    Yeah, it’s hilarious that somebody like Jim would actually care.

    We should ridicule him until he dosn’t care anymore.

    That’ll make the world a better place alright. Carry on.

  5. M

    Sorry Rory.. that would take too much explaining.. and you still probably wouldn’t believe me.

    Suffice to say, IMHO, he’s not what he appears to be…

    1. rotide

      Yeah Rory, you just wouldn’t understand man. These theories are just too in depth and complicated for normal mortals to understand.

      1. Tired old refrain

        It’s true Kieran

        a cacophony of self-important whingers, trolls, loons and geebags

        1. rory

          You know, being a commenter here, and posting a complaint about everyone else; would you ever consider yourself one of those 4 things?
          I don’t think I’d fall under whinger or troll. Not 100% sure what is geebaggy behaviour, maybe the above question. Or maybe not, I typed it in a sincere voice. Which leaves one left.

          1. Tired old refrain

            hi rory love pet
            there there
            it wasn’t directed at ‘everyone’

            ok pet?
            I like you
            does that feel better?

  6. Dan

    Unfortunately this man is from a small sect in Islam, called Sufism, it owes a lot to meditative practice, contemplation and older monastic traditions from Christianity, Buddhism and Zorastrians.

    For that reason it is considered heretical by mainstream Islam and this man would need an escort if he walked in to the Clonskeagh Mosque.

    His talk about will do nothing to endear him to the Sunni Leadership in Ireland with whom he already has fallen foul of.

    1. Kashif

      Absolutely untrue. The Shaykh is a Sunni Muslim Scholar. He was the founding member of the Imam Council of Ireland which is run by the Clonskeigh Mosque. He has been many times in Clonskeigh without an escort as you are suggesting.

      He has fallen out with the Salafis in this country indeed.

  7. babylonzoo4ever

    bombers gotta bomb. its got nowt to do with unemployment.

  8. Owen C

    Mercille: “It’s ok yeah, it may be better than non-muslims forcing them to do it but it doesn’t mean I think the statement is amazing or anything like that. I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever.”

    He’s an intellectual powerhouse for sure. Irish Muslims come up with very positive and proactive idea to counter radicalism and Merceille is against it. Who’d have thunk it.

  9. Baz

    Listened to the entire broadcast – Mercille sounded like a greenhorn transition year student who had just spent a month scanning every copy of ‘the morning star’ he could get his sweaty paws on

    Who in UCD hired him?

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