31 thoughts on “Where Would They Have Been In 1916?

  1. Rainy Day

    Bob Geldof…”Before there was a United States, before there was a United Nations, before there was a united this, that and the other there was a United Kingdom and it was an extraordinary meeting of very different minds of two extremely close cousins. And what a construct this thing is. Because Scotland is a feeling. England is a feeling. Wales is a feeling, Ireland a feeling. But the United Kingdom is one of the greatest ideas for the modern age..”
    What a complete and utter moron.

      1. Rainy Day

        He certainly did, while campaigning for a No vote in Scottish independence referendum ….

          1. classter

            No but it is worth pointing out that he frequently expresses ill-thought out nonsense.

            Those who disagree with him are entitled to express an opinion as well, especially when he makes it so easy by being pompous as well as spoofing.

  2. Fairhill

    He went On to say Irish Independence was the right thing for Oirish people, having recently said it wasn’t the right thing for Scottish people on the recent independence vote. Not answering a random question but campaigning with the Royals and the Tory Pig lovers. Double, questionable standards toady Bob

  3. perricrisptayto

    Nail on the head there Mick.
    Sir Robert would never bite the hand that made him rich.
    A talentless spoofer of the highest order.

  4. realPolithicks

    Geldof really has take the queens shilling, what a gobpoo. Excellent cartoon, Mick.

  5. some old queen

    We rant about the state of things here on here yet begrudge an emigrant who has an opinion. Weird. Maybe not. We also don’t like any sort of affordable housing so maybe Geldof needs to come back and tackle it from the other side. The Ormond hotel will be up for sale soon again.

    Money where mouth?

    1. rotide

      Everyone here is clearly too busy organising generation-defining events and saving hundreds of thousands of lives to begrudge people…

    2. Tired old refrain

      not weird at all soq

      it’s perfectly in tune with an insular bogman backward mentality exemplified by particular posters on this site.

    3. classter

      I don’t begrudge Geldof his opinion.

      But the mere fact of him being an emigrant doesn’t make him immune from counter-opinions.

      I salute him for organising a relatively successful pop-concert-cum-charity-event and for bringing attention to the problem of food poverty at the time (although how much help Live Aid was is hotly contested) but that does not give him a free pass for life.

      I frequently find myself disagreeing with the stridently-expressed opinions of Sir (yes, Sir) Bob & being surprised with the disappointing level of thought within. His opinions often seem to align with his own financial interest and as one of the UK’s richest people (largely through property, I believe) could do much more personally for the poor. He is often quite clumsy & thoughtless in how he speaks about Ireland given that he does not live here, does not pay tax here & has contributed little to our little island.

      Bono is ripe for criticism too, of course, but imo is a different character entirely – more effective as an activist & has done a lot for Ireland – however you feel about his corporate tax arrangements.

      Does this all make me a begrudger?

  6. The Real Jane

    I loved his film, Me And Yeats. Lovely stuff. I particularly enjoyed his part where he was going on about how stupid and reactionary everyone else was when he (Gelders) was 14 and could see right through it all with his sparkling insight, but you know, Yeats got it. Gelders and Yeats.

    I gather he considers Yeats a genius of all time. Hmmmm.

    Loved your man reading the poetry too, ‘I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but booo hoooo…’.

      1. The Real Jane

        No, the man that Sir Bob knows well enough to call Willie. Not in a mere corporeal sense, they’re besties on the spiritual plane.

  7. Deluded

    Nice one Mick, I thought it was a bizarre article by Geldof, if there were any comparisons or parallels to be drawn it was on the side of British colonialism.

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