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Behold the hand-polished 24k gold Analogue NT – a most conspicuous way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda.

Included with the blingful deck (which has a transparent baseplate revealing the inner gubbins and plays NES, Famicom and Famicom Disk System games) is a HDMI upgrade and an original gold The Legend of Zelda NES game cartridge.

Yours for a trifling €4,386.


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10 thoughts on “Legend

  1. pedeyw

    You could always buy yourself a NES and a copy of Zelda off ebay for about 2% of the price. A can of gold spray paint will sort out the bling and If you’re up to it , an rgb upgrade isn’t too hard which will give you a good signal for an hdtv.

    1. H

      Or just download it on to your Wii or Wii U!

      What I really really want is for them to hurry up and release the new Zelda game, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever….

  2. Junkface

    This is what Kanye West blew all of his money on. Tacky, unneccesary gold plated things. Also Trump

  3. Paul

    they could’ve at least done the controller ports in silver or something. Makes it look like plastic wrapping paper with a few holes cut in it.

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