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  1. some old queen

    Examiner |FF put Irish water at heart of negotiation document.

    Just a hunch but maybe that is because Irish Water threatened to disconnect people’s water supply despite the fact they had no legal basis to do so? It is considered animal cruelty to cut off a farmer from his or her supply yet those clowns stated that they would disconnect anyone.

    Nobody holds a grudge like the Irish and FF will probably use Irish Water as an excuse for another election.

      1. some old queen

        Only because it was blocked in the Water Services Bill. They have the power to reduce supply however and the safety implications of that are unknown. Back boilers etc. They will be able disconnect businesses however and in the case of farmers that is an animal cruelty case in the making. Not even in England where the service is entirely privatised are they allowed to disconnect.

        If FF use Irish Water as an excuse for another election then it will become a vote on Irish Water.

        1. Steve


          Farmers are defined as mixed use customers , both domestic and business use. Because they are part domestic use , and under the Act , domestic users can’t be disconnected therefore farmers, i.e mixed use customers, can’t be disconnected. Unless for safety reasons which must be discussed with the farmer first.

          1. Steve

            Furthermore read section 6 of the water services act 2014.

            Irish water can’t reduce or cut off supply on account of non payment. Only for public safety reasons

  2. Funster Fionnanánn

    We are a dirty little money laundering country. With a history of brown envelopes and anoraks it was only a matter of time until we went global.

    But nobody here seems to care.

    1. munkifisht

      There’s a big difference between people not caring and the media not reporting it. The Panama Papers is one of the biggest stories going at the moment and likely affects the media moguls who run many of the nation’s media outlets directly. One would hope that BS would lead a banner charge in posting as much as they can about it but reading reddit I can see they are desperately lagging behind and missing massive stories (because I wrote reddit this will be moderated so not sure anyone will ever see this).

  3. Disasta

    “Kenny’s historic offer to share power” – like he’s a fupping choice when no one wants him there.

    1. classter

      But Martin as Taoiseach? I feel physically ill.

      7 years after a complete meltdown of our economy, following three terms of a govt of which Martin was an integral part. three terms in which there was nothing approaching effective governance?

      Martin was a senior cabinet minister throughout.

      Kenny is a complete plank but come on.

      1. Disasta

        I never mentioned Martin.
        I simply quoted the ridiculous Irish Examiner.

        All papers are running stories like Kenny is offering something.
        He has no choice.

        We need to change politics. This is a small country and it should be possible.
        A set of criteria should be set up for positions. These positions should be filled with people with the correct experience and qualifications chosen from the public. After their initial term these people can be voted in or out.

        Simple enough.

        No one who wants to be in politics should be involved in the running of a country.

  4. Frilly Keane

    “Grand Coalition”
    My whole

    Watch the band of has beings top up their pensions
    Then elect thenselves a pair of new leaders
    And then walk out on each other

    After they’ve said their prayers of course

    We’re the suckers

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