Hold The Front Page



Are they mad?

Online newspaper Dublin Inquirer has launched a monthly print edition.

Lois Kapila, co-founder and managing editor says:

For the past nine months we’ve been online and now we are launching a print edition, we’d love it if you would subscribe.

We had a choice if we were going to survive: we could either move more towards clickbait or we could ask our readers to support us.

We want to continue to do original local journalism and get better and better, that is why we are asking you to subscribe….

Dublin Inquirer

14 thoughts on “Hold The Front Page

  1. kingo

    do they cover council meetings, district courts ,inquests etc? no .not much of a local paper then.

    1. Sam Tranum

      Yes, they cover council meetings, local area meetings, strategic policy committee meetings, etc.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        I think this is a great idea.

        The creators should post their Newspaper on-line, increase their readership an’ stuff.
        (Everybody knows that nobody reads newspapers these days.)

        Then they should get two pretty girls to do a video about it.
        A bloke could come in towards the end of the video, just to make it look serious.
        It would be deadly!!!!!

  2. Grouse

    I subscribed to this. Curious to see how it will look. It’s an interesting venture in 2016, and a newspaper is still the nicest way to read the news.

  3. francis almond

    why would you ‘put on the kettle and crack open a bottle of wine’? is she suggesting somekind of wine toddy while you read the paper? madness.

  4. Harry Molloy

    what’s their business model? i.e. will it be a morning paper, does it aim to a certain demographic, does it have political leanings or could it be tat rarest of rarities, a non-biased paper of record??

  5. Maria

    Have not subscribed yet but will. I enjoy reading it online but a real print version sounds great. Good luck to them.

  6. Mikeyfex

    Bosco mug, subtle middle finger to the camera, pretending to be able to read, that’s Eddie alright. :)

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