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Lithographed, cloth-bound, gilded and embossed – classics from the first hundred years of the printed book cover (as we commonly understand it today).

MORE: The Art Of Book Covers, 1820 – 1914, (The Public Domain)


Letters to the editor, Irish Times

Gayle Follard writes:

I see the Irish Times is using its own Letters Page to try and boost their 61K print circulation.

Desperate measures or handy firelighters?

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Are they mad?

Online newspaper Dublin Inquirer has launched a monthly print edition.

Lois Kapila, co-founder and managing editor says:

For the past nine months we’ve been online and now we are launching a print edition, we’d love it if you would subscribe.

We had a choice if we were going to survive: we could either move more towards clickbait or we could ask our readers to support us.

We want to continue to do original local journalism and get better and better, that is why we are asking you to subscribe….

Dublin Inquirer

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Funky3DFaces makes bespoke printed heads (yours or anyone else’s) that you can attach to LEGO minifigs.

The company will recreate whatever photo portrait you send them in a 3D printed sandstone material for $30 (€27.60) per 15mm high head (other sizes and attachment points are available).



Nisan Greenwich writes:

This is the monster projector that will be screening “Interstellar” in glorious 70mm at the Ifi from February 13th!!!  Sound will provided by Datasat digital. Yes, the volume will set to 11!

Book here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 23.03.39gun revspace

Free tonight?

Jonathan Lynn writes:

Our annual street art and print pop up opens today Thursday December 4 at 6pm at Indigo & Cloth.  9 Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. (Next door to Garage Bar) The pop up runs from the 4th – 24th of December and we will updates on our twitter with new stock. The store will be open from 10am to 6pm everyday.