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‘Inside Information’ – a 50x70cm 3-colour litho print by print studio Dorothy depicting 40 historic moments in rock ’n’ roll occurring in a cutaway Vox AC30 amplifier, among them…

…the Beatles’ gig on top of the Apple building, The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, Bob Dylan going electric, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, Jimi Hendrix at Monterey International Pop Music Festival, Sex Pistols at Lesser Free Trade Hall and The KLF burning a million quid.

€33.80 (+P&P)



Are they mad?

Online newspaper Dublin Inquirer has launched a monthly print edition.

Lois Kapila, co-founder and managing editor says:

For the past nine months we’ve been online and now we are launching a print edition, we’d love it if you would subscribe.

We had a choice if we were going to survive: we could either move more towards clickbait or we could ask our readers to support us.

We want to continue to do original local journalism and get better and better, that is why we are asking you to subscribe….

Dublin Inquirer