It’s His Round



Mild mannered, if sweary, Intercom CEO Eoghan McCabe discusses landing $50 million in funding for the costumer communication firm he founded seven years ago.

He’s bit of a ledge in the ‘Valley’.

$50 million.

Think of what we could do with 50 big ones.

New beanbags for a start.

Customer communication startup Intercom raises $50M (TechCrunch)

Thanks Kevin Whitty

16 thoughts on “It’s His Round

  1. RunDemCrew

    50 Million USD is not that much in the Valley. Intercom are just waiting to be bought out, like other startups.

  2. ForFecksSake

    I’m not sure we should be applauding the tech bubble where ridiculous amounts of money are being spent by companies who don’t make any money. The bubble is going to pop sooner or later. I’ll say well done when they make a profit from selling their product.

  3. Chimpy

    Met this chap about 8 years ago through a friend and he is mad as a box of frogs. Was bigging himself up no end, like a megalomaniac. Fair play though he’s backed up his spiel. True story.

  4. D2dweller

    He’s so edgy the way he swears every second sentence. He’s breaking all the traditional rules of business. Go him.

  5. Frilly Keane

    I got as far as 1.10
    A bit too smuggy for me

    And I agree with RunDem above

    Paddy start ups sell out too quickly
    We’ll never have a Nokia or Microsoft scale organisation from an Irish Start Up
    They’d rather trouser 30million for themselves rather than stick around and build the company into a 5 billion plus operation

  6. Haight

    Fair play Eoghan!! Worked your ass off for this and its only going up/bigger/better/ Great guy, great ideas, how could he not be where he is today. Well done!!

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