17 thoughts on “Busted Berkeley

    1. Charles

      All 189, with the exception being of course the penthouse which is being kept for your good self.

    1. Ronnie Jonan

      Why should I have to live beside freeloading ten-percenters? Surely if I’ve earned the money I get to enjoy surroundings unmolested by whistling Antoes with hands down pants?

  1. LeopoldGloom

    Another load of identikit, low rise apartments with a great big footprint that will only be affordable for people on rather large salaries. Build higher, and use floor space better, build in strorage spaces, communal areas, ensure there’s good natural light and make sure there green in some way (eugh, storage heaters). build 2 floor apartments too, have green areas and amenities close by.

    1. some old queen

      Did you not watch that ex alcoholic with the beer belly on the Late Late Good Friday? It’s all about light and space now. Wall to wall glass views of the solar system. Location means organic health and jogging until you need a podiatrist or chiropractor. Or both. Private Insurance obviously.

      It’s like when they got around the ‘communal’ space in the IFSC. Big open area that no one can use and tiny flats which cost a fortune to buy or rent. I’m not an architect btw.

    1. D2dweller

      There is very little homelessness in this country compared to western EU states. By and large we have a very equal state

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