Stamp On Fantasies



Stop doing that.

Karlj writes:

You should put up a select transcript from today’s Liveline [RTÉ Radio 1. The host went off on an angle about this letter (above) in Alive! [Catholic newspaper] and the editor Fr [Brian] Mc Kevitt was able for him.

However each point the priest was made was twisted by Joe Duffy or other callers and it descended into a farce. In particular Joe Duffy questioning Alive! policies and not being able to defend RTÉ licence payers being used to pay 3 producers for a 75 minute show! Fr McKevitt has previous complained to the BAI about Joe Duffy’s treatment….


Listen back here

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41 thoughts on “Stamp On Fantasies

    1. DubLoony

      Yes, yes he does have a regular column. You are not on drugs and this is not the matrix.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t you denied religious motovations in previous arguments of yours? It’s just I don’t know of too many non religious people who read a Catholic newsletter enough to make an observation like that.

          1. newsjustin


            As you’d know if you were a real follower of mine here, instead of a wannabe, I’m a Catholic. You’re right, I don’t think Catholicism or religion has a bearing on all issues. And finally, I’ve previously said that I have read Alive and what I think of it (a low-end newsletter that strays widely into areas it shouldn’t – climate science, European Union, etc). As I always say, it’s good to read widely.

          2. ahjayzis

            . You’re right, I don’t think Catholicism or religion has a bearing on all issues.

            Like how Iris Robinson can be sugar momma to a teenager she’s riding behind her husbands back but I’m the degenerate unworthy of marriage and she’s the one in a sacred union.

            Or how the church facilitated tens of thousands of rapes of children but I’m the one who shouldn’t be like a teacher or a parent because I’m intrinsically disordered.

            An awful lot of religious people seem to think ‘the rules’ bear more on issues that don’t effect them, essentially *people* that aren’t them. Which is mad because I’d have thought that was completely unchristian.

          3. ahjayzis


            That was a general observation, not making a personal thing about what you may or may not believe!

  1. irishstu

    This is, of course, absolute nonsense. Forest fires should be let burn to clear out undergrowth and promote new growth, unless there’s lives in danger.

        1. bubbleandsqueak

          Ooh look at fancy Clampers with one chair for cryin’ and another chair for wankin’.

          Twas far from it you were raised…..

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      It used to get shoved through my letterbox when I was living in Lucan. They claim a high distribution but it’s because they count unsolicited mail drops like that.

  2. ahjayzis

    Twitter had me tuning in. Mad (actually mad) religious woman was also on, talking about how great it was beating her kids, and suggesting a proud mother of a gay daughter google a man about curing said daughter of the sodomy. Great stuff.

    And Joe typically on full defensive about RTE, let’s the psychopath off with calling homosexuality a disease and gay people infected.

  3. Pablo Pistachio

    Basically religious loons get upset over being called out over their lunacy is what today’s liveline was about.

  4. Sheikh Yabooti

    “I didn’t watch(/read it/hear it) myself Joe, but I’m outraged!” – some local TD.

  5. Plumbob

    I was just listening to hear the crazy bigoted woman say “sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion”

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