44 thoughts on “Tá Mé Cunning Linguist

  1. Damien

    When I was in the states I used use irish as chat up lines . Nine out of ten times I’d say it worked.

  2. Pogmathoin

    Ah here! Just when you think he couldn’t get madder. Brilliant! I would have learnt irish if it had been taught to me with a bit of craic added like this. Peig and the rest of the depressing scothscealta did nothing for most.

  3. Meiser

    You’re a good catch you’re a good catch (slight pause) you’re a good catch. Not sure if I’d pull that off but sure any things worth a try these days.

  4. Delman

    Bitseach . I will try this on my wife later and let you know how it goes. Maybe I’ll keep the ambulance on speed dial just in case..

      1. Dave

        That’s brilliant. But even having that tiny icon of the ladypart visible at all times, is too much to bare.

  5. Leather Jacket Guy

    Thanks for selling me so much posting space on your interweb site bodger. Cheque is in the post as agreed.

  6. Shay

    Friggin hilarious! This guy is the funniest youtuber I’ve seen in a long damn time. Beats the hell out of most the crap on tv!

  7. Nigel

    I think he seems tired. Tired, and trapped by a persona that is consuming him, taking over his life and thwarting his ambitions to take things in a different direction. He can’t change or evolve, he can’t try anything new, but has to sit down in front of the YouTube and be Leather Jacket Guy for the hungry, all devouring eyes of the invisible audience beyond the screen. Who is Leather Jacket Guy, really? Maybe he really isn’t all that into leather jackets all the time, you know? Maybe for a while he’d like to be something else? It’s just, you know, sometimes you just want to stop. You want to not be Leather Jacket Guy for a while, you know? You just want to…. stop.

      1. My Meaty Member

        oh man yes

        only if there are some live outtakes of it though captured for posterity on glorious celluloid

    1. rotide

      I’ve been naughty listed for a week and a half now, i feel your pain.

      apparenly the owner of this site doesn’t like his name in lights.

  8. vergina

    this is like a pissed off mothers club bitching about their day and getting their rage out. love it.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I and others should be ashamed it’s taken until now for someone to point that out.

      1. ahjayzis

        It’s all academic Moyest, don’t worry. As if any self-respecting woman would let him near her.

        He looks like he smells like an autopsy.

        All the fun and charisma of a hospice anteroom.

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