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  1. munkifisht

    Pretty sure the owner can still be identified from the chassis number. They can probably expect a nice fat bill in the post.

      1. Polaroid Fluid

        oh you’re one of those lads that say you only have to abide to law if you sign a contact or something, what are you guys called, idiots or something

          1. My Meaty Member

            what is the law regarding clamping in private carparks ? I gather it was updated recently

          2. VinLieger

            They can’t come after you for any money if you refuse to pay, they can only charge for release afaik. If you manage to remove the clamp by other means without damaging it your free and clear.

        1. Brian S

          You are clearly one of those people who don’t know the law relating to something so resort to childish name calling because you are “right” and anyone who does different to you is an “idiot”

    1. Owen

      unless of course the car changed hands a number of times and nobody did any of the paper work. Like, for example, my own car.

      I cherish the day I’m clamped.

      1. Cian

        Be prepared for an insurance nightmare at some point in the future when you can’t prove you had an insurable interest in the car.

  2. Zaccone

    I’ve always wondered what would happen if you got clamped but just left the car there. Obviously in this case the car can be towed since its got no number plates, but what if the owner had left the discs & plates on?

    The car doesn’t look to be causing any sort of obstruction, and its a publicly accessible road, so does a private clamping company have any right to tow your car? Or would they just give up and take the clamp off after a few days, hoping you’d then move the car?

    1. Paddy

      In the case of private clampers, from experience in our estate they eventually remove the clamp, as they arent earning any revenue from the clamp for as long as its left on your car.

      At a certain point it becomes obvious the owner isnt going to pay the fine, and they remove it. How long it takes can vary though. I have seen one being removed after around 5 days, another time I saw one left on for almost a month.

      1. Zaccone

        Interesting. Makes sense though. They’re not earning any revenue from the clamp as long as its on your car, and are also losing out on the use of the parking space your car is stuck in.

        1. Clampers Outside!


          We had one that was involuntarily abandoned by a drug dealer…. so we literally pushed it out onto the street, and the DCC clampers eventually took it away.

          Involuntarily abandoned = doin’ time in the Joy.

  3. Anne

    I’d be worried about the mentality of someone leaving a note like that.

    The clamper could be the straw the broke the camel’s back for this unfortunate person who was only viewing an apartment… this isn’t normal behaviour, to say fupp it, ye can keep my car.

    Horrible business clamping.. I think I’d be inclined to get an angle grinder to one if I was ever clamped. I’d have no problem paying a ticket, but I don’t believe in inconveniencing people like this. It’s legalised extortion.

    What kind of person would do this job anyway, only a psycho getting his jollies on causing misery.

    1. Owen

      Thanks god you’re here Anne! For a minute there I thought nobody was going to comment on the mentality of the driver and we could have let a pointless over analysis opportunity go to waste and just all had a good oul laugh.


      1. Anne

        Eh where did I tell anyone they couldn’t have a good oul laugh if they wanted to Owen?

        I happen to think it’s a bit strange to leave your car to a clamper.. that’s all Owen.
        Am I allowed have that opinion Owen?

        1. My Meaty Member

          Lol – the usual irrelevant rubbish from you

          now -go and get me banned again – good girl

          1. Anne

            now -go and get me banned again – good girl

            I don’t do that snookums, you do that all by yourself.

            And yet you’re still here.
            You’re like dog-poo stuck on your shoe or something.. you refuse to go away.
            Take the hint. Buh bye.

          2. Anne

            Men like you never go away Meaty.. you’re a bit of a desperado like that.

            You’ll be banned again in no time though, with that trollop mouth of yours.

          3. My Meaty Member

            I love it when they delete stuff so that people are left talking to themselves

            really love it ;)

  4. Colm

    He made one crucial error. A pad with 68 on it. The authorities just need to find a notepad with number 68 missing and he’ll be doing his notetaking on Pentonville State Penitentiary headed notepaper from now on.

  5. Smith

    Maybe he took the apartment, and is merely leaving the car as a deposit.

    He just has a strange manner.

    1. Brian S

      Private clamping companies have no access to vehicle details. The worst that will happen to this person is the council will tow the car after a few weeks.

  6. Gers

    He musnt be the named owner of the car else he is a total numpty

    1. Company clamping the car would have taken the number plate number
    2. The chassis number links directly back to named owner

  7. Catherine McEntee

    @ My Meaty Member

    People can see what’s going on – a certain poster says everything they want to about you – you respond and that poster causes drama calling out for admin.

    Saw it all played out yesterday, as did everyone else I’m sure.


  8. John Brady

    I cut one exactly like that off my daughters car when it was clamped outside her apartment. I used an angle grinder. I kept the clamp so that they couldn’t accuse me of damaging it and now my Son uses it to prank his friends. Everybody wins!

  9. some old queen

    I have been clamped three times last year and on each occasion I got a full refund, primarily because I knew my legal rights. Well I would. On the third occasion the poor release fella got a mouthful and I would apologise if I knew how to contact him. Clamping staff are paid by the clamp/release and it is buttons.

    Here is a little tip. If on private property and wrongly clamped, do not bother with their appeals process as it is designed to encourage you to give up. Go straight to the owners of the property upon which you were clamped. If it is a medium or large company then there will be someone appointed to keep the peace. Find that person and they will act as your representative. They will also be keeping a record of complaints.

    Always remember that these companies are not law enforcers and given some of their sharp practices, I expect that there would not be too many tears shed within An Garda Síochána either if the entire industry was outlawed. Clamping is illegal in Scotland and they get along just fine. Better in fact as no vehicle is immobilised in a space which affects traffic flow.

    1. stephen

      Wouldn’t mind having a chat with you. I got clamped earlier this week for parking ‘not in a bay’, it was the corner spot of carpark, not hatched or marked in anyway as being not a parking spot, not blocking any other cars or pedestrian access. I’m kinda sorry I didn’t chop the thing off somehow but looking at appeals process now.
      In your case do you mean you paid and got refunds if so be curious as to how you did it, maybe you can help me gillo.100 at gmail

      1. some old queen

        In my case, it was on the same property each time and I was a client of one the businesses in it. On the first occasion, I attempted to lodge an appeal except the immobilisation code given was only five digits long and the website would only accept eight. This is deliberate as I have since checked a number of other cars and they are all the same.

        It then took a number of attempts before I could even obtain an email in order to submit the appeal. They refused it even though they were clearly in the wrong. So I contacted the people who manage the actual clamping contract and they brought them to heel. I repeated this procedure for each of the next two times.

        Clamping is an extortion racket. They will even go to the point of obfuscating the instructions on how to pay by because there is much more profit in immobilisation than parking payments. I very much doubt if there is any other industry in the country which behaves in this way and they are being let do what they want.

  10. H

    If he really wanted to upset the clampers he should have also filled the keyhole of the lock with superglue :-)

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