30 thoughts on “O Say, Can You See

  1. ahyeah

    I chuckled when I saw there’s another LJG post. No intention of actually watching the video, but the whole thing is now so ridiculous that it’s become funny.

    1. Owen

      Well, you got one more laugh then me then….. and I watched the video (I lie, only made it 2 mins before I felt like punching the screen and giving back my passport).

  2. Thinkingman

    Americans are so weird. Then again, we don’t do so badly ourselves . Can’t even form a government to make laws.

  3. Artyfarty

    How is this nation a super power? This is what Obama is up against when it comes to making reforms. And he’s the most unpopular president?! As was Lincoln, Kennedy. The greatest always are. Must be why people love Trump.

  4. Leather Jacket Guy

    Thanks again bodger. Can we do a bundle deal on me buying posts? Something like buy one get one free?

    Thanks. Xoxoxo

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Well that was bitchy. That’s the second time you’ve sarcastically pretended to pay for having these sensory abominations posted as well. Hmmmmm.

      1. ahjayzis

        In the absence of anything else to explain why they post ludicrously crap things to barrages of criticism it’s fair enough to insinuate that Bodger’s being paid either by currency or, my opinion, extreme BDSM sexual services.

        1. rory

          “In the absence of anything else to explain why they post ludicrously crap things to barrages of criticism…”
          Barrages of criticism = barrages of clicks.

          Perhaps they post it because you keep clicking on it?

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I will say only this. There was a ljg post last week and it got 0 comments over about 35 or so mins. Then, over the space of about 4 or so mins, BAM! Six comments in one go, and all of them patently astroturfed.

          2. rory

            Final comment from me.
            This might seem obvious to some people but i’ll just say it anyway.

            The majority of people who comment on these pages are those who are critical of LJG. This gives the impression that the majority of people who click on these posts are not astroturf people.

            So, imo, if the non-astroturf people stopped clicking on these posts, Broadsheet would stop posting them after a while.
            (If people start ignoring it, the posts will probably go through an ‘extinction phase’, i.e. LJG may vye for your attention with increasingly base/click-baity content. But if people fight the urge to click on said content during this phase, they will go away soon after.)

            The ‘stop clicking on it’ idea seems pretty straight forward. I could even be so bold to say that it’s the obvious solution. Yet people who dislike LJG still click on his posts repeatedly.
            Why? I’ve got a feeling the most fervent (and repetitive) critics don’t want it to go away.
            They hate it, but they love to ridicule. They love to hate it too much.

            To be honest, I find them more irritating then LJG. But yunno, i’m silly.

  5. ahjayzis

    The fake commenters who are actually one commenter don’t even have the sense to wait a few minutes between posts.

    They even use the same weird niche double-bracketed smiley.

    Tragic. ::))

  6. Wait For It

    After 5 seconds of research, it’s a crazy fact that Broadsheet keeps posting this crap and another crazy fact that so many fake accounts spring up to praise it.

      1. For reals y'all -not Leather Jacket Guy

        Those suspiciously clustered praising posts are not from fake accounts! How dare you!

  7. AHA Batman

    FFS broadsheet.. stop giving this guy publicity. If people want to view more let them subscribe to the youtube channel..

  8. Melissa

    I imagine all the negative commenters as the spoilt rich mean girls sitting at a table in a high school canteen , bitching to the rest of their ‘click’ as the pretty new girl walks in taking all their attention away. XD

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