‘Mistaken Identity’



This afternoon.

The scene where a man in his 20s was shot dead in what is believed to be a case of mistaken identity in a gang-related attack. The shooting happened outside Noctor’s pub, Sheriff Street and Oriel Street Upper at around 12.30pm.




First responders attempt to resuscitate man gunned down in botched hit (Sunday World)

35 thoughts on “‘Mistaken Identity’

  1. Mr. Camomile T

    Another senseless slaughter without any justification (like every other gangland “hit”, whether the victim was “known to the Gardaí” or otherwise). Will the media lead a campaign of moral outrage similar to the one for Shane Geoghegan in Limerick? Or will this victim’s life’s worth be quantified according to his occupation, social class and the location of the shooting? We should all, as a society, demand that this ongoing spree of gangland executions is stopped immediately. There are no elements of society whose lives are of less worth than anyone else’s – that’s not our call to make.

    1. ahyeah

      I’m a pretty right-on fellow but, actually, the lives of “some elements of society” [your term] are actually worth quite a bit less than certain others. It’s got nothing to do with class, occupation, income, address. It’s all to do with conduct and behaviour. I can think of one or two people who if I heard had been shot in the head on O’Connell Street at 3pm, I’d reckon society had gained from their exit.

      1. Mr. Camomile T

        A person’s worth to society and the value of a person’s life are not the same thing. To take a life is to take away everything from a person – everything they are, have been, or ever will be; the removal of all possibility. The act of taking someone’s liberty (via the justice system) for being a delinquent or criminal should not be confused with erasing someone’s life. It is a slippery slope to quantify one life’s worth over another.

        1. ahyeah

          Fair enough, but I disagree. I’m not equating value of life to value or worth to society. But I utterly reject the idea that all life is sacred…and I suspect that’s where you’re coming from, is it?

          1. Mr. Camomile T

            Nope. “Sacred” has religious connotations and I’m not basing my viewpoints on any religious doctrine.

      2. ah no

        “I’m a pretty right on fellow BUT” not even a taxi driver would start with that opening.

      3. Tish Mahorey

        “I’m a pretty right-on fellow but”

        No you’re not.

        To suggest someone’s life is worth less is heading down the road of the “Final Solution”. It’s lazy. It’s ignorant and fails to consider the fact that someone might decide that about you or your family.

        The way to deal with anti-social people and criminals is jail, not death.

    2. Jessica Carroll

      We should all, as a society, demand that this ongoing spree of gangland executions is stopped immediately.

      Stopping all this is not something that can be demanded. Scrotes will be scrotes, no matter which community leader/archbishop tries to mediate.

      1. Mr. Camomile T

        I disagree, mainly because of the Shane Geoghegan case which I also referenced. In the immediate aftermath of that murder the people of Limerick rose up, as a society, and demanded that action be taken, and it was. And the government, via the justice system, was forced to act and remove the criminal elements which had previously acted with impunity in Limerick.

        My main point, however, is that it shouldn’t take the murder of an innocent “valued” member of society for us to rise up, we should be just as outraged about every other gangland execution that takes place. The actions of these gangs, who appear to be acting with impunity, undermines our society.

    3. Peter Dempsey

      You sound like you resent Shane Geoghegan. Why? Because he was middle class and not involved in criminal activity?

      1. Tish Mahorey

        “You sound like you resent Shane Geoghegan”

        Classic table turning there.

        This shooting victim wasn’t a criminal.

  2. Kieran NYC

    This is what the attitude of ‘sure let them off, they only kill each other’ brings. They don’t just kill each other.

  3. kingo

    tension is at breaking point in the north inner city as Paul Williams selects his choice of granddad shirt for tonights Prime Time

  4. Cromuel

    Only one way to stop this: decriminalise all drug use and have the State provide the drugs for free to registered addicts, along with help in finding work and housing. That would make the bottom fall out of this profitable crime wave.

    Of course all lives have value. Saying you’d rejoice at the death of anyone says more about you than it does about the person whose death would bring you joy.

    1. rotide

      Hillarious, all this handwringing over what Ahyeah said.

      If it was someone the broadsheet comments section didnt like, they’d be delighted they were dead. Check Joan rivers obit and thatcher for proof.

  5. iseult

    Isn’t the victim a homeless man (as reported on the news)?? Poor soul had a rough enough path in life without the value of his stolen life being casually debated mere hours after his brutal murder.

  6. Tish Mahorey

    Mr. Camomile T is right in his/her assessment of what the media reaction will be.

    Social Apartheid in the media at it’s most obvious.

    There will be a backlash against social inequality in this country soon if Governments don’t take serious steps to heal the divisions with Ireland. The wealthy are consistently being let off white collar crime while those with the least are pursued relentlessly for the slightest of infringements.

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