22 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Steak

  1. medieval knievel

    fillet steak is usually more expensive than that. currently €35/KG on supervalu’s site.

      1. The People's Hero

        I’d have thought that folks that question these sorts of things morso use the price of booze as their economic barometer….

        Also, a kilo of chocolate is a crap load of the stuff…….

    1. Owen C

      Kilo of fillet steak actually more like 45 quid in most butchers. 50-60 in some of the gourmet spots.

      1. The People's Hero

        Well….. it’s in the picture…. And…. I find it interesting that n internationally famous Turkish Delight came from Caaaarrrrk like….

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          D’oh! I see it now. Still, Cahrk Turkish delight, Turkish Turkish delight, it all tastes a bit too mad for me.


  2. graven

    A bar of Dairy Milk costs approx €1 and weighs 53g – not much difference in the price per kg, mate.

  3. Cloud

    Seems reasonable enough? A lot to spend on chocolate, yes, but that’s also a lot of chocolate.

  4. Skeptik

    1kg Cadburys Dairy Milk (2x500g bards) for €18.88 on ebay. €20 a KG for real chocolate sounds like a bargain!

  5. martco

    Callebaut is a top dog chocolate,
    a long distance from Cadburys dairy milk (which interestingly isn’t chocolate at all per se and never was, it’s made from a derivative called chocolate crumb)

    It’s used by chocolatiers and in high end bakery/patisserie work

    sorry to disappoint y’all but that retail price is about right, coca only grows in very specific places and is traded like gold, in recent times the price of cocoa keeps going north

    nice with espresso too

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