23 thoughts on “Audier Than Thou

      1. The People's Hero

        I reckon that engine is not powerful enough for use in motorcades… You know, for evasive action when Tom Cruise or Liam Neeson is on the rampage…

        Whatever about the cars ones we use here in Ireland, in Europe they all tend to be lwb 760s, A8Ls with the W12 engine and the usual S600 Mercs…..

        The Chinese are also apparently very fond of lwb cars so perhaps this is for their market….

        1. Owen

          I see you’re point about Tom Cruise, but Liam Neeson is never catching you in on of these! You’re being absurd. Laim is all talk, about skills and that, but he has no pace. He’d get you later when you stop for toilet or something, but if you held your bladder you’d be grand.

          1. The People's Hero

            Marco from Tropoja with those six inch nails in his legs would beg to differ…..

  1. stephen

    Surprised and disappointed they didn’t turn the second row of seats around (not that I’ll could come even close to affording one). Would make more sense for selling to fancy business people so they can have meetings on the road. Is fierce fancy for a funeral limo, they are usually e-class standard this is a big cut above that

    1. The Old Boy

      Top tip: parallel park in front of shops with plate glass windows and use the reflection to gauge yourself. Impress passers-by and terrify other motorists, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  2. nellyb

    Would be driven max 180 days/year per owner in Ireland. Would also fit a family of four, looking for shelter to spend a night.

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