Meanwhile, In Lesbos



Earlier today.

Outside Camp Moria on Lesbos island, Greece where around 3,500 people are currently being detained – ahead of Pope Francis’ visit on Saturday.

Meanwhile, at the weekend, The Observer reported:

The purpose of the pontiff’s visit to the Aegean [on Saturday, April 16] is to see the migrant emergency up close, and the authorities are keen that no blinkers are involved. This time, the island on the frontline of the biggest movement of people in modern times intends to show it as it is.

“We won’t be changing anything,” says mayor Spyros Galinos when asked if municipal workers will at least be cleaning up the graffiti on the camp’s walls. “His visit has huge symbolism. It is what we have wanted, what we have seen in our sleep, what we have dreamed of for years.”

Lesbos hopes pope’s visit will shine light on island’s refugee role (Helena Smith, The Observer)

Pic: Lars Scholtyssyk

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  1. joj

    Strange that the graffiti is in English, you would imagine the locals would use greek when writing graffiti

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