‘AIB Misled Regulators’



Following an anonymous email sent to RTÉ…

RTÉ reports:

A whistleblower has alleged AIB misled regulators on its progress in dealing with loans which are in arrears.

The claims have been made over recent days to the Central Bank and the European Central Bank.

AIB has told RTÉ News that it is “not aware” of the allegations.

A spokesperson for the Central Bank said that while the bank cannot comment on specific allegations “any correspondence received by the Central Bank through its protected disclosure channel is treated seriously and examined thoroughly.”

The individual said AIB tried to make progress on restructuring look better than it was in reality.

Whistleblower alleges AIB misled Central Bank, ECB (RTE)

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9 thoughts on “‘AIB Misled Regulators’

  1. Eoin

    We need jail sentences associated with bank fraud. Simple as that. Nothing else will bring about any change. There’s no end to banking corruption. Deutche Bank have just been found guilty of manipulation of the precious metals markets in the US and fined. They’ve also got to give evidence against other banks who helped. This is pretty bad seeing as the US regulator (the CFTC headed by Gary Gensler an ex-Goldman Sachs executive)ran several investigations over the years and found no evidence of conspiracy to manipulate markets. Despite investors pointing out the blatant manipulation going on they found nothing. The press were silent too. Even ridiculing people who spoke out about the manipulation, calling them conspiracy nuts etc. The usual compromised media cover up. Yet after all this Deutche Bank has gone straight back to manipulating the market again.

  2. FionadeFreyne

    The CBI is well aware of the intentional and conscious decision of AIB to understate its mortages arrears and its avoidance of making prudent provision for mortgage impairments. The reason is simple. It is for reasons of capital adequacy. I’d the full extent of mortgage impairments were to be disclosed AIB would require a further massive capital injection. It’s an example of extend and pretend.

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