180 thoughts on “Lane Shaming

    1. Praetorian

      Not good enough…that didn’t go as he hoped…he has a head cam,he needs more confrontation to increase views on his channel.

    2. Irlandesa

      I’m an elderly lady myself, but I know that the cycle lane is not the place to leave your car for an hour if you have a mechanical problem. The problem is when people believe that cycle lanes are some kind of fruitcake concession to crusties instead of actually serving a purpose.

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    Seems like a really pleasant lady.

    Should stick her on the internet and embarrass her.

    1. classter

      How would the drivers on the road behind have reacted if she decided to stop in the main route of traffic & wait for the AA to show up?

  2. Randy Ewing

    Cyclists are such dicks, you should be allowed hit one, just one now, a year.

    that would put manners on them.

    Pedestrians too, one of them aswell, they never cross illegally again if the threat of a clip was looming

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      In his defense, I cycle Ranelagh twice a day and it’s one of the worst places in south Dublin for people parking in cycle lane.

      Most are simply too lazy to look for somewhere else, and its infuriating.

      That’s why it’s annoying to see a woman like this – with a genuine issue, who knows she shouldn’t be there – made an example of.

      No sign of him offering a hand to fix the flat tyre.

      1. rotide

        That’s what i was gonna say, he didn’t even offer to help, what a ladypart.

        It’s pleasing to see that some people are such insufferable tools, they’ll happily put clips up on youtube and not even realise they come out of it looking so badly.

        1. MW7

          Cyclist on power trip shames stranded lady.

          His mother must be so proud.

          He should have helped her fix the flat tyre.

  3. beardedrambler

    Fecking cycling, typical carry on.

    You dont see me informing wimmens on o’connell street that their buggies are in my way while walking..

  4. COndor

    Haha, did he actually send that in for you to share? Presumably you’re just sharing it to show what a jumped-up saddle-sniffing moanbag he is? Did he offer to change her tyre for her? Pure gent he seems like. Bet he’s really fun at parties. Probably wears a helmet.

  5. ceo

    FFS man… don’t be such a male member. Hope your mother is never stuck with a puncture on a main street. Would you not offer to change the wheel for her like any other man would?

    1. ceo

      LOL… “male member”. I originally had a synonym of Richard in there. I hadn’t noticed such meticulous comment editing before :)

  6. garthicus

    Ah man, that was uncomfortable to watch, she’s genuinely stuck and has done the right thing and called the AA. She was apologetic too :(

    1. Sam

      There’s nothing that really stops her driving a short distance on a flat in order to clear the way.
      I’ve helped drivers push their car a short distance to get out of a busy lane. If she’s being sitting there for a whole hour then she’s not made any effort to mitigate the situation.
      If you ask for help, it won’t take that long to find someone who will point out the nearest parking spot or quite side road.

      Apologising is grand, but it’s a poor substitute for actually doing something.

      I don’t see why anyone would find it uncomfortable to watch. He wasn’t rude to her in any way, he pointed out that she was creating a hazard and that she could move around the corner. If the engine had blown, that would be a different story.

        1. Sam

          After a whole hour, it’s probably totally flat, true, but when she first noticed the flat, she didn’t have to pull in immediately, it would be fine to go a short distance further if there’s a safer place, and in the space of an hour she could have asked a lot of people if there was a nearby place to move to.

          I wouldn’t expect a woman of a certain age to get out the jack and try fix it herself on a busy road like that, but she could have done more than make a phone call to the AA, pop on the hazards and then sit on her backside thinking she’d done everything in her power.

  7. kellma

    Yup, this individual does little to further motorist/cyclist relations. If the intention here was to add fuel to the “cyclists are tools” campaign, it hit the mark.
    People need to get hold of their outrage. We are all so indignant all the time….

    1. Nigel

      Or that motorists have such a supreme sense of entitlement they think that blocking a cycle lane for an hour is something they can do.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        And then he blocked the road while he lectured a woman with a flat tyre. It would have taken him roughly 10 seconds to get off his bike, walk around the car on the path and then continue on his self righteous merry way, but that might have caused him hits on his Youtube channel.

        What a self pleasurer!

  8. Brian S

    This guy is a knob. Plain and simple. Puts videos up of cars overtaking him with plenty of distance. He needs a hobby that isn’t sitting at home in his underpants uploading nonsense videos from his GoPro.

    His nasally aspergers voice makes me want to strangle him with his bike lock.

    Confronting an old woman who has broken down. Hope he feels like he accomplished something that day

    1. kellma

      Unfortunately, he does seem to feel just that. Why would he otherwise post it for all to see? I’d hazard a guess that this guy’s sense of perspective (and a few other senses) is a bit off whack….
      But you know, he really showed her…. I hope they lock her up and throw away the key and he can feel warm in the knowledge that another menace on society has been removed from our streets. Thank you Batman.

    2. Nigel

      He certainly illustrated that sheer invisibility of other road-user’s rights to even the nicest and sweetest of motorists.

  9. 15 cents

    did he send that in thinking everyone would be annoyed by this loveable, every mammy type figure who pulled in because she had a puncture? he sent that in .. he sent it .. she was clearly havin a bad time and feelin awful about it, and he’s all overly keen hall monitor on her? pff.. head off there, mate, ya didnt even offer to help her, just gave her a hard time. flute. dont edit ‘flute’, broadsheet, its not a bad word, and i 98% sure theres no kids scrollin thru broadsheet comments on a cycle cam post.

  10. Iwerzon

    I cycle to work every day. I have a big wooden brush, used for whitewashing houses, which I dipped in bright red paint and stuck into my right handle bar. I take pleasure in cycling past cars who veer into the cycle lane.

    1. Dave's Chain Device

      Please note we prefer anecdotes of events that actually happened, not just within the confines of your tiny mind.

  11. Owen O'F

    I can’t watch. I love my bikes, love spinning round the city and countryside, and am afraid that being exposed to this headcam gopro sillyperson will kill all that.

  12. dan

    Nothing to see here folks, just a stereotypical cycling a s s.
    I bet he had a beard and giraffe knees.

    Thanks for the luminous arrow in the first pic. I’d never have seen the car otherwise.

  13. Willie Banjo

    I am sick of psychlists. Not the common or garden ones who need to use a bike because they have no car but the professional mid life crisis ones with their lycra, cameras and saddlebags of self-entitlement. It’s them wot should be chained up, not the bikes…

  14. Rainy Day

    That guy is a willy…
    The problem isn’t cyclists or motorists. The problem is willies, sometimes the willies are driving cars and sometimes the willies are cycling bikes.

  15. Jaden

    Can we put this Chap and LJG into Thunderdome and have them fight to the death?

    And then shoot the winner…..

  16. Daddy Wilson

    Did Mikeyfex really send this in? Is this him?

    I thought you were cool.
    Really not at all anymore.

    formerly Baggins, currently Daddy

    1. Mikeyfex

      Haha. Why do people think it’s me on the bike? Why would the person who uploaded it to youtube send it to broadsheet – particularly someone as familiar as I am with how it would be received. :) Laughing away here. Glad people are disappointed with expectation versus assumed (but incorrect) reality.

  17. Jopus

    What an absolute dangly bit. Also, that poor woman hasn’t consented to having that video posted online. I hope he falls off his bike and grazes his knee.

  18. The Lorax

    Mickey fix: I’m with you, worst feckin cycle lane in Dublin….folks ‘just delivering’ ‘just popping into AIB’ ‘just getting a coffee’ main artery into town/UCD/schools/work: numpties…lady, pull around the corner?

    1. Dave's Chain Device

      This woman may not be the most confident of drivers. Perhaps you should cease projecting what you would do in this situation. For all we know, she might have thought the wheel would fall off if she drove it with a flat.

      1. classter

        If she doesn’t know the basics, then she shouldn’t have been given a licence.

        We’re way too soft on the ignorant & lazy.

          1. Bonkers

            First problem is back in the old days there was no driving test, you just posted away for your driving licence and they sent one back. My own mother has never done a driving test in her life, been driving 40 odd years now.

            Aside from that the driving test we do have now says nothing of procedures when you break down, keeping safe and ensuring the safety of others around you. So the woman fees a puncture and immediately pulls in, she likely doesn’t know any better and thats a function of our poor driving test not equipping drivers for all possible scenarios on the roads.

    2. The Bird in the Box

      maybe she doesn’t know the area well and doesn’t know where she would be able to pull in again without obstructing traffic? it’s not ideal to stop where she is, but at least traffic, including cyclists, can get around her. people obstruct bus lanes everyday and it’s not newsworthy, the buses just go around the obstruction.

  19. Deluded

    That’s the banality of evil right there, and all the little-old-lady enablers here rushing to her defense! “Oh that could be my mammy, oh, oh woe is me!?!??” I don’t see any of you N11 wine-slurping desk-jockeys rushing down to help.
    She could be a getaway driver or getting ready to invade Poland but you are all blind to that in your weepy mater-familias protestations.
    Someday a real rain is gonna fall…

    1. scottser

      Aw, I used to love taking speed at lunchtime too. Get yourself a bottle of rum for the afternoon, it’ll take the edge off.

    2. well

      ” don’t see any of you N11 wine-slurping desk-jockeys rushing down to help.”

      I would hope the AA got to her by now.

        1. Deluded

          Eh no.
          Are you projecting*?
          It was a throwaway comment on a Friday afternoon about some hysterical reactions to a ridiculous video.

          I hope you are not a doctor or deal with the public.

          *who are “we”?

  20. Brian S

    I hope I come across this sap on my travels from Ranelagh to sandyford area. Because if he ever spoke to me the way he does to some of these people he’ll get a slap and the GoPro put up his bottom passage

    1. Sam

      Are you referring to some other videos he posted, cos he wasn’t rude to that woman in this video, he just pointed out that she was blocking a cycle lane and causing a hazard even though it is possible to drive a short distance on a flat tyre and park somewhere safer… where is the torrent of abuse? Is there an alternate audio track for this clip that I’ve missed?

  21. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Broadsheet, this is your forté.
    Grasp it!!!!!

    Everybody is desperate to get their comment typed and read and agreed with and vindicated and +1ed…

    THIS is what you’re there for.
    Keep doing this.

    A perfect post Bodger!!!!!
    Go to the top of the class.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        This is not the real Catherine McEntee .
        -How could it ever possibly be?
        I don’t mean to make anyone upset
        But I certainly haven’t been up yet
        Who am I in your eyes? I’m me.

        1. Catherine McEntee

          Don’t you dare deny me my voice. You’ll be sorry. Or glad. But you’ll be sorry first. And then something else.

        2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          This is also NOT Catherine McEntee.
          I know it can’t be because she’s been with me all night.

          BS, this impersonation shouldn’t be possible. There’s too many nasty people here.

  22. rotide

    God this guy is an actual tool.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C2aMslWCt8 – here’s a video of him blatantly breaking the law and cycling on the wrong side of the road rather dismount and walk past the blockage.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_5ISIiiNFo – here’s a video of him blocking a bus stop to get a good look at someone committing the sin of deliveries.

    Note that in all of his videos the ONLY people he challenges on their transgressions are women. The men, he just haughtily cycles by or films from a distance like the person that he is.

    1. well

      Pretty sure there is it least one where he is harassing some girl with L-plates and it looks like its during a lesson or maybe even the test!

  23. bertie blenkinsop

    This could only be bettered if it was Leather Jacket Guy on a stolen bike, there was a competition for the best comment and the winner never received their prize.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        The bike that I saved up to buy
        With someone else on it whizzed by
        I won’t get a prize
        Can’t believe my eyes
        It was Leather, Jacket Guy

        I couldn’t fit in anything about ‘Best Comment Ever’, so I’ll just put it here…


        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          I was going to say ‘Leather Jack Off Guy’, but then I thought to myself, if that could get past the censors someone else would have thought of it already.
          There’s no way that’ll get past the censors.

          1. Catherine McEntee

            Little to do with your personal thoughts, behaviour or hygiene would get past the censors. Anywhere. And I should know. W***ing yourself into a cold sweat 24/7.

          2. Catherine McEntee

            I am the REAL Catherine McEntee.
            You will know me from now on by my new Gravatar.

            The person who’s been impersonating me for the last few days ought to stop.
            It would be a good idea.

    1. rotide

      yeah, thats a classic.

      He must be delighted with all these views. Bet he’s the type that has all the views of each video memorised and has a little sex wee when he gets more.

      1. Drogg

        He is at home pleasuring his lycra shorts that the cycling revolution has begun. I like how there is a surprising amount of videos that show him breaking red lights. Isn’t that now an on the spot fine offence?

  24. suzann armstrong

    Yes he had a good look at the driver before he decided to confront her. Let’s see a clip of him confronting a man, preferably a big muscular agigitated man and see how quickly he cycles past. He didn’t confront the big yellow van driver…Most likely to be a male.

  25. classter

    She was polite & apologetic but utterly fecking helpless. Why has she sat there for an hour?

    Can she honestly not change a tyre? You shouldn’t be allowed get a licence if you can’t change a tyre.

    Could she not have gone into a shop nearby & asked for a hand in changing it.

    1. rotide

      Are you really ranting about an elderly (sorry, thats not quite the right age bracketing) ladies ability to change a tyre?

      1. classter

        Yes, in the same way I think that auld lads who boast about not being able to iron or cook are pathetic.

    2. well

      “You shouldn’t be allowed get a licence if you can’t change a tyre.”

      What about the disabled? They drive you know.

    3. ceo

      Seriously, have you every tried to get stiff nut off a wheel. Or lift the wheel on? Changing a wheel is something understandably well outside of an older lady’s comfort zone.

      Cycling hero could also have given her a hand.

  26. RichD

    Here’s an idea. Get off the bike and maybe try to hep her change the wheel. She’d already been waiting an hour and looks a bit distressed; really doesn’t need moaning at. Maybe it was her fault she had the puncture and didn’t want to risk driving the car any further (no not even round the corner). This option means she wins, other cyclists win, and you win, for doing a good deed for once, instead of showing us all that you have a GoPro on your head, just above your balls.

    1. Sam

      He could have, but he’d have been a fool to try change the tyre right there and then wouldn’t he?
      Altogether easier and safer to move the car to a side street or parking spot and do it there, out of traffic.
      She might not want to risk driving around the corner, but she’s okay with putting more vulnerable road users at risk by forcing them to change lanes in busy traffic?
      That’s not the type of mentality that encourages sympathy in my book.

      She’s been sitting there for a whole hour, without soliciting help from passersby? That’s learned helplessness there.

      If he had time, (and we don’t know whether he did or not) it would have been nice of him to help her, but on the other hand, she’s been sitting there for an hour, thinking that her only obligation was to make a phone call and stick on the hazard lights.

      I had a situation a few days ago where a guy just stopped in a bus and bike lane waiting for his mate. I stopped and asked if he was broke down and wanted a push (free parking spot only 150m up the road), but he was happy enough to stay where he was, waiting for his mate to leave the house…

      1. LW

        We don’t know whether or not he had time, but we know she didn’t solicit help from passersby? Are you the fella who uploaded the video? Why did he feel safe enough sitting there recording, but that changing the tyre would put him in mortal danger?

        1. Sam

          No, it’s not my video. I’ll tell you why I reckon she didn’t solicit help, because she said she’s been there for an hour, and I’ve lived in Dublin, and seen strangers help to push cars etc. The first one you ask might not help, but I don’t think you’d be more than a few minutes waiting for a few lads to give it a push in Ranelagh. I’ve done it myself plenty of times.

          1. LW

            Well let me counter your conjecture with some of my own, we know he did have time, because he had enough time to question her

    2. ahyeah

      She doesn’t “look a bit distressed” at all. If you turn up the volume on that, you can hear she’s listening to Joe Duffy. And you can see too she has a spliff in her left hand. I’d doubt she even had a puncture.

  27. St. John Smythe

    I particularly like the one where he sees the red car doing something far worse and more dangerous, cycles after it and approaching it looks in the window to see an able-bodied male driver, and then decides to say nothing.

    A big man in front of old women.


    1. Anne

      What a big man approaching only women.
      He’ll upload a video of some auld wan sometime who’s son won’t take too kindly to it.. he’s looking for trouble for himself.

      He has absolutely no business signalling to women or anyone to roll down their windows so he can chastise them. This should be reported to the guards..

    1. Sam

      The whole thing lasted about 46 seconds, it was reasonably polite, he asked why she was stopped, made a reasonable suggestion about driving a few more yards and pulling into a quieter side street, she said she’d call the AA again to chase them up, and hesaid ‘cheers’ in the end and moved on. It seems to be a lot more dramatic in some people’s heads than I can see in the video. It seems he just uploads the most mundane of incidents to YouTube.

      1. Andy

        I think the problem is people have now looked at lots of his youtube videos and have noted the only people he confronts are women and not men.

        Little scaredy cat. Meow!

  28. Chrispy

    I once had a wheel come loose (bolts weren’t tightened by mechanic) and had to pull into cycle lane just past The 5 Lamps. As I was trying to fix it while simultaneously trying not to get run over by the busy traffic, a cyclist came right up to the back of the car, stopped and gave me the death stare.

    I looked straight back at him said “You think I’m here by choice? Go the **** around”. He then threw eyes to the heavens and groaned like a teenage girl.

    I do cycle from now n then and understand some motorist are awful people that shouldn’t be let out in public, but cyclist need to get over this persecution complex. We’re not all bad just because we’re not on a bike.

    1. classter

      So why not stop the car in the main route of traffic & change it there?

      Why couldn’t the car drivers just ‘Go the **** around’?

      Why is it fair enough to block cyclists but not drivers?

    2. bruce01

      It’s not an issue of ‘all cars bad’, it’s an issue of not getting some reasonable consideration, same as if you’re in a car, on bike or foot and someone stops you from progressing due to their inconsiderate attitude. The funny thing is you see way more of Dublin traffic when you’re on a bike, because there is constant traffic, and you realise that a lot of drivers, frustrated no doubt, really only care about completing their journey ASAP and not about all the other people around them also trying to go somewhere. No point in taking to them though, invariably they are helpless and sorry or willing to kill you for daring to engage with their idea of reasonable behaviour. Same as here really.

  29. ahyeah

    this guy’s got around 600 videos on YouTube, all involving encroachments on a cycle lane. it’s hard to feel animosity for him when you see the extent of it. it’s kind of sad.

  30. Brian S

    I’ve seen him confront male drivers in his videos. He’s very careful what he says. I might take a few days off work and park in that cycle lane. Just for the fun of making him poo his Lycra. I could make a week of it and hunt down LJG and make it so he can’t smerk anymore. I have the days to take, and to be honest wasn’t planning any holidays away this year

      1. Frilly Keane

        I got sacked

        Or maybe “Folly Keen. VIP” was a bit too close to home
        Old pals
        At the end of the day. Is all about the pals.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Sur each to their own

          I sent them in sum’ting
          A diary in the style of someone who rhymes with Folly
          They didn’t run it

          Their gaff
          Their rules

        1. Frilly Keane

          Brolly. Nah. Sur he’s outta season at the moment. July maybe.
          Besides he’d be fair game in places like this. And he’d leave everyone at it. Like the Healy Rays.They’d have no problem with the slash hook commentary they attract. Like meself.

          This fear of comments is definitely a Dublin metro glossy mag you’re not one of us ’cause you sound different

          Suggest an’ting around any of the old reliable band of lovies. Of all vintages.
          Opinion or Satirical
          Or just take the rhymes with kiss

          No matter how open and liberal a forum may suggest it is.
          Eventually they will stay with their pack.

          (Folly also rhymes with ..lly)

    1. Nigel

      A lot of big men here threatening violence, or at least indulging in violent fantasies. This guy is braver than any of them, it seems.

      1. rotide

        Yes, you’re right. The guy who harrangues women and chases cars until he realises they are driven by men is indeed the model of bravery.

  31. Frilly Keane

    I’ll be going out’ve my way to park in cycle lanes
    With a’bitta luck this buck will have pressed play on his helmet

  32. LW

    This prize member’s argument about endangering cyclists is somewhat undermined by the fact he feels safe enough to perch there recording the woman

  33. Carlosfandango

    Hello broadsheeters. It’s been a while..
    So, I’ve a question. Do we think that this cyclist goes about his business in a law abiding way every day himself? Do you think he has ever broken a red light? I cycle. I drive. I ride a bike and I walk. Out of all of the ways I get about, the one that gets most hits for law breakers is cyclists. It’s hilarious that someone feels so emphatic that he needs to post a video on d’internet showing a broken down car in a bus lane when cyclists (probably fifty feet to his right in this video) are happily whizzing through red lights..
    He’s a willy. Cyclists are willies. I’m a cyclist.
    If you cycle you know you’ve broken red lights just not willing to admit it on here or other public forums.
    If a motorist says something to a law breaking cyclist they get abused – know why? Because the motorist is trapped in their tin box. The only people cyclists don’t respond negatively to after they’ve lashed through the red lights is other cyclists or Motor Cyclists.
    Nothing’s going to change. Cyclist will still moan about the silly Billy motorist. Still bang the roof of cars or bash the mirrors of cars that they can’t squeeze by in traffic. Still flick the bird at motorists who beep when they’ve broken the lights and still video with their go pro cameras the atrocities of other road users.
    So, end of rant.

    Carry on.


  34. Yer Man There

    Why can’t you pick your car and carry it off the road like I do with my bicycle. You’re endangering cyclists loike.

  35. bazza

    What an absolute self pleasurer on the bike. Total and utter willy of the highest order. “Blah blah cycle lane. My rights!” She had a puncture. Use a bit of common effing sense. Get off your bike and walk around her and carry on, instead of moaning about it.
    If it was a man thrown down with a broken leg, would he have been the same? “I’m sorry. This is a bike lane. I can’t cycle past you. I’ll have to wait for an hour until you move. I’m sorry you can’t walk with your broken leg, but this is a cycle lane!”

  36. Nollaig

    Guy probably sees himself as some sort of Batman, wishes he was a Garda, and has a homemade “superhero” costume like the Crimson Bolt in the film Super

  37. Stephen

    Would you cycle your bike with a flat tire? It’s dangerous for you and other road users. Not to mention will cause further damage to your chosen mode of transport. The above is multiplied in a car.
    You have chosen to ignore common sense just to give yourself a feeling of righteousness, while also picking on an elderly lady that knew she was in the wrong but had no other option.
    Although judging someone on their accent is discrimination I am happy to say in this case you are a posh whimp. Probably play with your toy trains in a shed.

    Next time you see an elderly person, or someone of any age in a situation like that, how about you apologise when you realise you’ve been a pillock, then offer to help or get lost!

  38. Supercrazyprices

    This guy is certainly an angry self pleasurer who gravitates towards confrontation.


    I have no time for the wholesale ignorance of car loving lazy self pleasurers who’d rather sit in their car for an hour instead of cycling for 20 minutes. This is Europe folks, not the US, not some LA type city where driving is the only realistic choice for city journeys. Go to most European cities and you’ll see how the smarter, healthier, longer living, more evolved people use their bikes whenever possible.

    Owning a car is not a sign of sophistication. And not owning a bike is not a sign of poverty. Chances are the the bike owner has an Audi sitting at home for weekend use and the car owner is in heaps of debt to pay for his second hand BMW.

  39. cupantae33

    As a cyclist I’m mortified watching this. Firstly, get over it, she has a puncture, she’s not been sitting there for an hour for her amusement. Secondly, shame on you for publicly shaming her. She was having a bad enough day as it was. Go around her FFS.

    1. Rugbyfan

      This fella needs a clip around the ear. His videos are embarrassing. Are you allowed post video of people and their licence numbers without express consent. If not he should be reported to the guards. Let him video that!!

  40. Niamh

    The next street to turn down only has one lane for most of it. There’s a wheelchair parking space on the right and then the rest of the road has parking all along the right. If those spaces were being used – what choice did she have? She couldn’t park around the corner as she’d block the bank entrance, the wheelchair space, or the whole street. She had nowhere to go.

    I think the cyclist is horrible for uploading a video of this woman without her permission and I think broadsheet are horrible for bringing it to a wider audience. No matter what the intention of posting the video here – I’d say it’s quite likely the lady would be upset by this.

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