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Golden Discs

Sinead writes:

Golden Discs, the biggest and longest running record store chain in Ireland, celebrates Record Store Day TOMORROW, with live performances in ten stores nationwide.

Record Store Day celebrates the unique culture of independently owned record shops and has become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar.

Vinyl sales are bucking the trend, and at Golden Discs sales are up over 300% year on year. 11 of the 13 Golden Discs stores now stock vinyl with an ever increasing choice on offer for vinyl fans.

With a Golden Discs Vinyl Club Loyalty Card every €10 spent earns a sticker, with 10 stickers earning a €20 discount on the next vinyl purchase. Unique in Ireland, this incentive is very popular with vinyl fans…


…To celebrate, we are giving away a Red Steepltone Discgo turntable (as above) to a Broadsheet reader.

The winner will also receive FIVE of Golden Discs’ bestselling vinyl [Hozier/Hozier; Amy Winehouse/Back To Black; Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1; Bob Marley/Legend and Walking on Cars/Everything This Way] to start/restart or enhance your collection.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was___________________________’

Lines MUST close at 4.50pm MIDNIGHT

Golden Discs

224 thoughts on “All Hands On Deck

  1. Carlos Strange

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits, a 2-album collection, the one where’s he’s in Black & White on the cover. Not cheap for a 13-year old but well worth it.

    Previously I had won a copy of “Hunting High and Low” by A-ha at a school carnival.

  2. Swag

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Yehudi Menuhin & Stephane Grappelli ‎– Jealousy – Hits Of The Thirties (1973)

  3. Gary

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Rolf Harris – Can You Tell what It Is Yet

    Seemed like a great idea at the time but now I’m not too sure….

    1. Shayna

      Went to the B&S Ball in Battersea Park in ’94 – Rolf Harris was top of the bill. He’d just released his version of “Stairway to Heaven”, complete with his wobble-board and didgeridoo . The crowd, it has to be said, went mad for him.
      Everyone can have an Einstein moment, “If I’d known then, etc…”

      1. Dubh Linn

        That is not an Einstein moment, that is a Leister Piggot moment ….. the horse has bolted….. and you are staring at its hindquarters…. :)

  4. Mickey Twopints

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” on 7″ single from Todds department store (now Brown Thomas) in O’Connell St.Limerick.

    It cost 10p (2/-) :-P

  5. Bertie Blenkinsop

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was “Party Fears Two” by The Associates.

    Probably as close as I got to being any way cool in my whole life….

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Haven’t heard it in an age and it’s playing on TXFM right now weirdly enough…..

    1. rotide

      I knew the bs demographic was old, didn’t realise how old though!

      I’m waiting for the gen y and millenials to reveal themselves with purchases of Ocean Color Scene and Blue

    2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      We could have a competition.
      I’m the oldest one on this website because _______________________________

      I have some old walking-sticks and reading-glasses lying around here that I don’t use anymore. I’d gladly donate them as prizes.

    3. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Mine was Popcorn. ..I don’t know what git into me I had to have it. Played it in manic loop

  6. Fergal

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Born in The USA, Springsteen, a Golden Discs in or around the Moore Street area, 1987

  7. Jade

    I was probably 5 and it was The Muppet Show Album. Of course it had the classic “Mahna Mahna” but I think my favourite song was “Lydia the Tattooed Lady”
    “She once swept an Admiral clear off his feet.
    The ships on her hips made his heart skip a beat.”
    Maybe that explains my love of tattoos.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      What about ‘Halfway up the Stairs’ by Kermit’s nephew? Great one for the slow set.

    2. Kieran NYC

      ‘Just One Person’ is my favourite Muppets song.

      If anyone ever wants a sweet, weepy moment, check out the performance from Jim Henson’s memorial on YouTube.

    1. Randy Ewing

      Interesting choice:

      The song was a combination of political satire and sexual humour wrapped in nursery rhyme style lyrics. The protagonist, John Wayne, is having sexual intercourse with a Native American female. When Wayne’s bandolier restricts their intimacy, she suggests he removes it. He refuses and suggests he sodomises her instead.

  8. David

    Most people remember 1976 for the cracking summer but I remember it for a totally different reason. My first ever vinyl record purchase was Tommy Peoples and Paul Brady, “The High Part of the Road” in that glorious year.

    I still have that record. I still occasionally listen to it. And listening (through headphones, no other way) to those two playing at the height of their powers still sends multiple shivers down my spine.

  9. Harry Molloy

    My first ever vinyl purchase only a few weeks ago when I purchased My Bloody Valentine – Loveless. I now realise I need better speakers to appreciate it but am looking forward to expanding my collection.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Stop now Harry.
      You have all the records you need.
      Nothing but disappointment lies ahead if you continue.

  10. Maria

    ‘I hear you knocking’ by Dave Edmunds …… played the base line over and over again …… I still love that song :)

    1. TheDude

      Yes they are but with most hipsters playing their fuzzy warbles on pitiful portable picnic players they might as well be listening to 32k MP3

      1. Kieran NYC

        Makes me laugh when you see idiots shelling out 300+ for headphones to listen to awful quality mp3s from iTunes.

  11. dav

    Never had a turntable, had to rely on tapes, which was grand until the tape player decided to chew em up, then it was trying to get it back into the cassette with a bic biro…

  12. 321gillian

    Whitney Houston self-titled

    Her voice on vinyl – incredible. My voice singing along – like a cat got caught up in the turntable.

  13. Moira Cardiff

    My first ever vinyl purchase was ‘Sugar, Sugar’ by The Archies. They weren’t even a band! Although, it is still my party piece after all those years……..sigh

  14. Frilly Keane

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Althea and Donna “Uptown Top Rankin'”
    From Pat Egan
    And I still have it

  15. Bill Walsh

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was the Gary Numan: Living Ornaments ’79 & ’80 box set’

  16. Daddy Wilson

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Nirvana – Live From The Muddy Banks of The Wishkah, the first vinyl I owned/inherited from a collection in my parents’ attic was a Beach Boys live album. The next vinyl purchase was Radiohead: In Rainbows. Each of these albums holds pride of place on a shelf in my bedroom in my parent’s house. None have ever been played. Not even the old Beach Boys record!
    The worst part of this? My daughter was born a few weeks ago and the first music she’s ever heard was Beach Boys, but she’s only heard it through online streaming!
    The only thing that calms her now is listening to the Beach Boys and dancing with her Dad in the kitchen!
    It’d be great to be able to have our Beach Boys record spinning for her to look at while dancing!

  17. Pamela

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was…1977 The Muppet Show. Not very cool but man did that get listened too! My collection is a little more advanced these days though :)

  18. Eoin

    First vinyl purchase was ‘Ride The Lightning’ by Metallica which I purchased from Tommy Tighe in the Sound cellar, Dublin. He’s still there selling music and the record is still on a shelf at home. It’s 30 years old now. Wow. That’s what’s great about vinyl. I can’t picture a CD or tape lasting 30 years and still be playable.

    1. Frunobulax

      Yeeeeeearrrgh. Burning in my brain, I can feel the flame. Mine was Vinnie Moore, Mind’s Eye…£20. ‘Import’ said Tommy. Bollocks sez I, yet buy I did. Along with a Babes in Toyland cassette.

  19. rotide

    My first ever vinyl purchase was “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash from dolphin discs for about 50p.

    Nothing I’ve bought since was as cool as that first purchase and I still have it.

  20. Spaghetti Hoop

    Mahna Mahna by The Muppets, when I could hardly reach the counter to hand over the pocket money – yiz know how it looked – a tattered sweaty note wrapping a load of coins.
    Both the song and I continue to age well.
    Do doo do do doo!

  21. Murtles

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Now That’s What I Call Music (the first one that was released in 1983).
    Awww the memories, Kajagoogoo, where are they now?

  22. Gordon Sumner

    My first vinyl purchase was The Police – Outlandos d’Amour and I’m still listening to it.

  23. BobbyJ

    Hi Scores EP by Boards of Canada on SKAM records. Boards of Canada is printed in braille. Vinyl art offers so much more than CD, etc

  24. Royal M

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Caress of Steel by Rush in Eason’s in 1984. Rather untrendy at the time, but back then any kid in Finglas who didn’t listen to ska was cruising for a bruising.

    1. Tarfton Clax

      Nice one. I bought that album around the same time. Happy memories…

      “Living one long sunrise
      For to me all things are new
      I’ve never watched the sky grow pale
      Or strolled through fields of dew
      I do not know of dust to dust
      I live from breath to breath
      I live to climb that mountain to
      The Fountain of Lamneth

  25. garthicus

    Here goes (I’d really like that prize!)

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was… The Dirty Dancing sountrack… I was around 8 years old…


  26. Dirmius

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Dire Straits first two albums, ‘Dire Straits’ and ‘Communique’. I still listen to both albums fairly often.

  27. Papa P

    My first ever vinyl purchase of Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite for Destruction’
    I was twelve and thought I was beyond cool. I strolled into our local music store and confidently picked it out and went up to the cashier to hard over my (dads) hard earned punts.

    “Nice hat and t-shirt!” the shop assistant said, commenting on my Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ t-shirt and peaked hat that were about two sizes too big for me.

    Unfazed I still thought I was a legend.
    I have learned nothing since then.

  28. Unlucky in locks

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Music Has the Right to Children by Boards of Canada. I listened to an mp3 of it loads during my final year exams in college which kind of ruined it for me afterwards. I bought the vinyl to see if listening to it on fancy vinyl would help me like it again. It didn’t work and it turns out finals are really good at ruining stuff

  29. Joe cool

    I’m going to be crucified for this. My first was Olivia Newton John’s Xanadu. I was 5, I am ashamed

  30. Ruraidh

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was On Your Own by Blur on white 7″ from the Virgin Megastore in The Square in Tallaght, believe it or not. Glory days…

  31. kingo

    my first ever vinyl purchase was Thin Lizzy’s greatest hits in 1982 in Golden Discs in Stillorgan.

  32. Shockabilly

    Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell 1976 – 7 years old upstairs in the Easons in Cork.


    That’s easy – Cause I’m gonna be where the lights are shinin’ on me…

  33. Mikeyfex

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Two Little Boys by Harry Lauder*. I didn’t pay for it but I demanded it and it was mine once bought so that counts.

    *It may have been Rolf Harris.

  34. Cobweb

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was a black disc with a hole in the middle………is this a record?

  35. mike

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was …
    … today from a colleague at work who is promoting his group.

    I’ve been listening to music since 1980 Joe Dolce “Aw Shaddup-a your face” and even remember 1978 when Ian Drury “Hit me with your Rhythm Stick” was charting. But never succumbed.

    I don’t own a record player so I will have to give my first ever purchase away as a gift if I don’t win. So, now that I have succumbed, why not encourage me to buy more by gifting me a player. Could I burn my tape cassette collection onto vinyl?

  36. Lidija

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights single. I bought for my boyfriend as part of his birthday present few years back. Other part of that present was really cool retro 50s style turntable. We broke up 2 months later and he took turntable with him when he moved out. And the vinyl. FML

    I would absolutely love this cool turntable. Thank you!

  37. Ailish

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This was only in the 2000s because I wanted to mix the Billie Jean riff with EVeRYTHING. Still get slagged for that one!

  38. Jasper

    The first record I bought was the seven inch of Rock me Amadeus by Falco which I used to practice what I thought was break dancing in the garden on top of old cardboard. My mum wouldn’t let do it inside after I nearly broke her favourite lamp . So I had to open the window, put on the record and dash through the house to get out to the garden.
    I was ten and that song blew my little head away.

  39. Seamus Keane

    Nick Lowe, Cruel to be Kind, back in them days Golden Discs on Talbot Street and Sounds Around on O’Connell were my musical meccas

  40. Eimear Spain

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Pearl Jam’s 2013 “Lightning Bolt”.

    Pretty much all of my vinyl is inhereted from either my parents, or my late sister. The rest was given to me as presents. Lightning Bolt was the first vinyl I ever bought myself and it was bought on record store day 2 years ago!

  41. 2BiT

    My first ever vinyl were 2 x 7″ singles… the Cure ‘Never Enough’ and rather less cool… 2 In A Room ‘Wiggle It’ (just a little bit!)

  42. Colm

    Mine was Closing Time by Tom Waits when I was 15. I was consciously buying it so that one day I could say how cool I was. I’m not proud of ‘eye on posterity’ but the plus side to slightly (only slightly? says you) self-awareness is that it’s a wonderful album. I don’t have a record player any more and would like to play all of these records again.

  43. Tarfton Clax

    Back in Black, AC/DC 1980 Pat Egan’s Sound Cellar. Bought from Tommy. I still go there to buy my tickets to gigs and my Vinyl. Older, Greyer, Bloody but Unbowed….

  44. coco

    Bosco’s album. complete with a pop up scene when the sleeve was folded out. You don’t get that with CDs or mp3!

    1. bob

      Haha… I had this one:

      Probably in my folks house somewhere. I should really flog it by the looks of it!

      First owned was Style Council, Long Hot Summer 7″… I think I may have collected tokens and sent away. I was only around 5 so I’m a bit vague. I don’t think I even liked it at the time.

      First that I remember buying myself was Prince New Power Generation 12″. I’m probably forgetting some though.

  45. Daniel

    My first vinyl purchased was Daft Punk Discovery. One of my all time favourite albums. Possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made.

  46. qwerty

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was supposed to be Showaddywaddy – “Under the moon of love” but my older brother who was tasked with buying it returned with Bonnie Tyler’s “Lost In France” . To say I was less than happy is an understatement.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Did ya everything you’d every have to repeat that tale qwerty?

      Btw, Any post that has Shawaddywaddy and Bonnie Tyler mentioned has to make the shortlist

  47. Kolmo

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was ‘A Tree Falling’ by The Forest

    .. you’ve probably never heard it?

  48. Stevemanning

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was BBC Sound Effects Volume 4. I had a very strange upbringing and longed to become a priest on a remote island off the West Coast. I also had an addiction to roller blading at one point.

    1. Frunobulax

      Ah the ‘4’. Mine’s from ’76 with a dark blue / purple starry cover. Is yours the ’70 mono original with the chequered two-tone sleeve? Ooh but no. 26 is the best! Sci-fi heavennn. I have others. Nicked them outta DLIADT. Don’t tell them. *giggles*.

  49. Brian Ahern

    Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight 12″ single while on the hop from school during transition year. I guess you could say it was a musical education.

  50. Always Wright

    My first ever vinyl purchase was “Automatic for the People” by REM. I played it on Dad’s turntable, which was downstairs. To enjoy it fully I felt I needed to retreat to my own lair, which was upstairs. I turned the volume up and listened to that record for a solid year, muffled and magical, through my bedroom floor. It doesn’t sound as good any other way.

    1. scottser

      My little ones going to bed album for most of last year, now replaced by elbow’s the take off and landing of everything.

  51. James

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was made in Golden Discs using gift vouchers that I won by collecting the most money in my class for charity one time. Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses.

  52. Smashmouth

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Tom Petty “Into The Great Wide Open”

    I was 9 years old

    I also need a new record player as my current one is bust!

  53. Seán Ó Tuathail

    The Bangles, ‘Walk like an Egyptian’, 7inch Vinyl #… in Golden Discs Dún Laoghaire

    I was about 10 and in rang a 4. I learned all the lyrics and thought I was F%$£@NG cúl!

    1. ivan

      I’d love to have it off
      I’d love to have it off
      I’d love to have it off with Susanna Hoffs

  54. Aidan Buckley

    Adam and the ants “Kings of the wild frontier” still have it but lacking a turntable.

  55. Psydeshow

    My first ever vinyl purchase was ‘In rainbows’ by radiohead. Went into PlugD in Cork to pick up the vinyl when I felt guilty for slightly abusing the ‘pay what you want’ model on the website. All CDs and MP3 before that, vinyl since!

  56. Barry the Hatchet

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    This was when I was a small child in the 80s, living in London with my parents and my paternal grandmother. My parents were broke 20-somethings who hadn’t really expected to be parents when I came along (hence living with my Nan). They were too poor and too busy saving money to move out on their own to afford any newfangled contraptions like cassette players. But we did have my father’s record player, which was his pride and joy. He had bought it with the money he earned from a summer job when he was sixteen, just after his own father had passed away. And he had survived through his grief, and through my Nan’s remarriage to an extremely unpleasant man, by listening to records and losing himself in the music.

    My father particularly loved to listen to Bob Dylan and I liked to sit on the floor of my Nan’s back room and listen with him, though I didn’t really understand any of the songs. Once we were listening to “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and I asked him.. “who’s Kevin and why is he never at home?” This prompted something of a crisis for my father, given that both my parents were staunch atheists, my Nan was a staunch Catholic, and nobody had yet worked out how to explain the complexities of this situation to a four year old.

    Every weekend my Nan would creep up to my bedroom after I’d gone to bed and empty out her purse. She’d give me all her small change and I would marvel at this shiny treasure, stockpiling it in a little leather purse she had given me and feeling like the richest kid on earth. My parents didn’t know. This was our secret, and it made me feel so special and important to share something with her that nobody else knew about.

    One Sunday afternoon, my parents and I were wandering down the Broadway when we popped into a charity shop because my mother liked the look of a hideous fuzzy jumper with oversized shoulder-pads and a floral pattern. My father went to look through the LPs, drawn to them as he always was (although he hadn’t bought one since I was born and he had developed Responsibilities with a capital ‘R’). I went with him and copied him, flipping though the records like I knew what I was doing. And that’s when I found the Snow White soundtrack. A record just for me. And I had to have it.

    “Absolutely not”, said my father “that record player is for music – real Music!” (with a capital ‘M’ – he was and still reamins a purist about these things) And so he refused to buy it for me and we argued and my mother was summoned to intervene. And just when it looked as though he had won, I pulled out my ace-in-the-hole. My leather purse. My Nan’s secret treasure. Just enough to buy the record. And my father was beaten.

    I listened to that record every day until we moved out and moved to Dublin and the record player had to be left behind because it was too big to bring along. My father stored it in the attic of my Nan’s house, whispering sweet nothings to it as he did, telling it he would come back for it. I think the only thing he was glad of was not having to listen to that damn Snow White record again.

    And then, suddenly and sadly, my Nan passed away. Her horrible husband wasted no time in throwing out all my her things and all my father’s things and putting the house up for sale. And the pain of losing my wonderful Nan was, for my father, all the worse because the one symbol of what had kept him going through his father’s death – that record player – was gone now too. He had lost both his parents and his pride and joy.

    He still has the records though. Inexplicably he brought them with us when we moved to Dublin. Like he wanted them close to him. If I win this turntable, I’ll give it to my father. And we can sit on the ground together and listen to “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      I nominate Barry for the prize. Even if I won it myself, I’d send it on to him for his dad after reading that story.

      1. Barry the Hatchet

        Ah, that’s very nice of you to say Mickey! I’ve been enjoying everyone’s contributions though. Lots of great (some not so great) songs.

  57. Jim Doherty

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was…….. ” I Could Be So Good For You ” by Denis Waterman, the fantastic theme tune from the equally fantastic 80’s TV show Minder.

  58. megrevs

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ ‘Join The Army’, bought with my confirmation money. The aul pair were delighted

  59. Father Filth

    Flash Aahhhhhh-Ahhh… Saviour of the Universe! He’ll save everyone one of us..

    Queen’s – ‘Flash’ single, in the then supremely plastic-y orange branch of Golden Discs in Dún Laoghaire. South County Dublin.

    Barely able to view the top of the counter, I was a nipper, my Dad had to lift me up.

    Played until it was scraped clean of any audio grooves, on a Bush turntable from the 60s, with a stylus like a cat’s tooth..

    1. Father Filth

      My first ever vinyl record purchase was Queen’s – ‘Flash’ single, in the then supremely plastic-y orange branch of Golden Discs in Dún Laoghaire. South County Dublin.

      Barely able to view the top of the counter, I was a nipper, my Dad had to lift me up.

      Played until it was scraped clean of any audio grooves, on a Bush turntable from the 60s, with a stylus like a cat’s tooth..

  60. zackersetu

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was… A pair of blue teeny tiny hotpants … they were so teeny tiny and well made from vinyl, that when it comes to crazy items of clothing, they were certainly a record for me!

    wait….. I may have gotten the question wrong!

    (also … I really wish that this was a joke for joke sake … but sadly … it’s not …. and I wore them in public …. TWICE!!! Part of a costume for a show … but still!! )

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I admire the effort you put into that entry Chris. Made me laugh.

      -Not a proper sentence.
      -No song mentioned.
      -Singer’s name spelt wrong.

      -What do you reckon your chances of winning are?

  61. essexhian

    “My first ever vinyl record purchase was an LP. David Cassidy (swoon) and I played it over and over again on my little wooden boxed record player. Every evening after school and all weekend, really loud……….. much to the annoyance of my brothers. If I won the snazzy red turntable I would still listen to it !!!”

  62. sheelagh puryer

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Bowie’s ‘ The Jean Genie ‘ – still have it but record player long since gone :/

  63. The Downes Side

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was In the court of the Crimson king, by King Crimson. I bought it because of a mixture of liking King Crimson and also for how cool the album art was. Before anyone asks, yes I’m aware that I’m a hipster.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      When it comes to music, every hipster is a liar, every liar is a hipster.
      -Don’t fret, it’s just a phase. You’ll be grand.

  64. Chrispy

    My first and sadly last vinyl purchase was Bad by Micheal Jackson. Was probably 7 or 8 years old and harassed my parents for it. After that is was a cassette tapes for the next decade, just not that same.

    Would love this record player just to show my kids how good music used to sound.

  65. Marco Perrozzi

    My 1st Vinyl was dancing around to Elton John as a child then another classic was Elvis Blue Havvii record that i used to play with my mother :(.

  66. scottser

    I would like to mention that golden did a 25th anniversary promotion for sgt peppers lonely hearts club band. If you brought in the old money they’d sell you a copy for 2&6 or whatever it was. So in I went with my grandads old penny jar, it weighed a fukn ton. Dude in the shop didn’t know what the hell to do with 2kg of copper and hands me the record anyway and goes ‘you may take that shite with you’.
    Happy days

  67. Martin

    My first ever vinyl purchase was “Let’s Go All The Way” by Sly Foxx.

    Altogether now – zhum zhum, zinny zinny

  68. James Maguire

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Michael Jackson – Bad
    I was only a small child but it changed my life forever by introducing me to great music, and I have been buying Vinyl records ever since. I love the record so much and would sing Bad everywhere I went. The difference between Vinyl and other formats is immense and I would love to win the record player to continue to enjoy my favourite music

  69. Richie

    Bosco was my first record, possibly the only record that it didn’t matter if you got the speed wrong, they just all sounded like Bosco then. Classics such as the wheels on the bus and upside down town, “it’s upside downtown, downtown is upside down” a masterpiece.

  70. realPolithicks

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Rubber Bullets by 10CC…….
    “Load up, load up, load up with rubber bullets”

  71. Ricardo

    My first ever vinyl purchase was Chris de burgh’s lady in red single. I got it for my first true love the day before she returned to London after spending her summer holidays in Ireland. Ahhhh….1986, the summer of love.

  72. Scooperman

    “Hey, Matthew” by Karel Fialka. “Hey Matthew what do you see, hey hey Matthew when you’re watching TV”

  73. Funeral Home For Family Only

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was: “The Anfield Rap”.So bad is was, well, just bad.

  74. Mark

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Dreamland by Italian One Hit Wonder Madchester scene Hacienda mainstays Black Box, purely for Ride On Time. Crap band, but still an AMAZING CHUUUUUNE!

  75. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was ‘My Boy Lollipop’ by Millie Small.

    I was only a little kid at the time and one of my aunties gave me a record token for my birthday. I didn’t know what a record was.
    I got my Mammy to get this for me.
    I thought it was about lollipops.

  76. Zohar Lee

    A second hand copy of The Eagles – Hotel California that was imprinted on a translucent green vinyl that somehow got lost in “the move” that I wish i could find

  77. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Most embarrassing item in my vinyl collection? Pope’s Mass, Phoenix Park, ’79 – picked it up in V de P shop in the 90s with a grand plan to mix it with a rave track.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I was working in a record shop at that time. You wouldn’t believe how many copies of those albums were sold. It was crazy for a while…four out of five customers wanted a Pope album. (There were two or three of them released.)
      Mad times!!!!!

  78. Gráinne Ní Mheadhra

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was “Alf” (1984) by Alison Moyet.
    I also bought the “Electric Dreams” OST on vinyl the same day. Even as a child my priority was music. Unearthed these albums on a recent clear out at my folks house. ♡ ‘

  79. I've Got the Power

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was actually two records… ‘Louder Than Bombs’ by the Smiths, and ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley, in Tower Records on Dawson Street (I came of age during the CD era, so this is since the vinyl resurgence- although the ‘Do the Bartman’ single was bought for me in the early 1990s).

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Tower Records is a deadly shop.
      They’ve always supported vinyl strongly and their staff are brilliant.
      Just sayin’

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Shut up ye eejit!!!!!
        -This is a Golden Discs promotion. Are you trying to scupper your chances of winning? It sure looks like it!!!!!

  80. Owensie

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was The Gloaming last month. I could either buy a CD that I have no way of playing, or a vinyl that I have no way of playing. I went with the bigger one, I still haven’t bought a turntable to listen to it on

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I like it Owensie…going for the sympathy vote….
      Why don’t you post us a photo of your crying chair while you’re at it?

      -What’s that? You haven’t got a camera?

      BS, just give it to him. I can’t read any more of his comments. Just give it to him.

  81. notahipster

    “Release Me” by Englebert Humperdinck as a birthday present for my mum in 1967. The first just for me was “Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part” by Horslips in, I think, 1973. I still have it in its glorious octagonal sleeve.

  82. Dermot

    The Lamb lies Down on Broadway. Carried underarm with pride from Golden Discs Grafton Street I believe

  83. LiamZero

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Full Circle by The Doors. At the time, I was bitterly disappointed with the album because Jim Morrison wasn’t on it… ironically, I would now consider not having Jim Morrison on an album to be a major plus point.
    Doesn’t make Full Circle any less rubbish of an album though. God it stinks. And I still own it.

  84. Niallo

    Brendan Grace – his grace at harvest, signed by the big man himself, and he gave me a copy of a bottler single.

  85. Anna Nicamhlaigh

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was Shaky in 1981′ when I was 9…….lol

  86. euro88

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was miles davis kind of blue. blue was then and is now my favourite colour.

  87. David Dougan

    My first vinyl purchase was Michael jacksons Bad a great album some cracking tunes on there

  88. Custo

    My first ever vinyl purchase was ‘Tarzan Boy’ by Baltimora.

    I only found out last week that the singer was from Derry, and his life after being a one hit wonder was a bit tragic :(

  89. DaithiG

    Can’t remember my first vinyl but I do remember getting Jan Hammer – Miami Vice Theme in a 7″ single version when I was about 8 or 9. Quite prophetic since I now live in Miami.

  90. Dermot

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was a 12″ single of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” which appeared randomly at the nadir of vinyl (1994) in Golden Discs Ennis nestled among the 3 for €20 cassette deals. Played it on an ancient dangerously humming turntable at home… b-side was “Marigold” Dave Grohl’s first released song! Still got it 22 yrs later…those 3 cassettes are long gone to the great sports walkman in the sky!!

  91. Otis Blue

    This Charming Man 7 inch single in a picture sleeve. Woolworths on Grafton St. 1983.

    For some reason my 6 month old Golden Retriever ate the sleeve a few years ago. Vinyl unscathed though.

  92. Nathan Ketharinath

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Lana del Rey’s Ultraviolence. I still don’t have a record player to properly make use of my few vinyls but I’d love the chance to do that someday!

  93. Don Bosco

    My is ee inyl ecod puchase was Da Punk – andom Access Memoies’ bu i’s had o coney because his keyboad is banjaxed!

  94. Ahh feck

    Feargal Sharkey, by Feargal Sharkey, bought in Freebird Records when they were on Grafton St!

  95. Michael Moore

    ‘My first ever vinyl record purchase was : The Bee Gees Greatest Hits in 1979 in Golden Discs in The Crumlin Shopping Center, I thought I was so cool buying an album. Yes I still have it.

      1. rory

        The best free CD I have is ‘Instant Garage’ which I got with Mojo Magazine:

        It’s got some interesting songs. Songs that stuck out include:
        MC5’s Kick out the Jams (I hadn’t heard the original version before.)
        An interesting version of ‘Psycho’ by The Sonic’s (pretty much the same as their album version, but they kept the wild ending.)
        Shortnin’ Bread by The Ready Men (interesting novelty record.)
        And ‘Black Winds’ by Little John & The Monks

        Mojo haven’t lived up to this quality of free C.D. since.

  96. Thomas o leary

    The first record that I bought was “sexcrime 1984” by the eurythmics a great song!!!! By a great band.

  97. Nadira Jauregui

    My first ever vinyl record purchase was Julian Casablancas’ “Phrazes For The Young” & I was about 13 or 14 at the time it was released.

  98. Sean

    so long ago I don’t remember… remember though there great excitement in our house when I won a walkman and my brother a record in a local colouring competition.. i was more interested in the record.. have no idea what it called but the song I am in the mood for dancing was on it … great song… stilll enjoy it

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