18 thoughts on “All Me Own Work

  1. Penfold

    Saw it driving through Fairview this morning, looks terrible. Can see it almost as soon as you turn the corner from Malahide Road.
    Edge’s Hardware always looked decent and seemed like it fitted in.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Interesting. Could be in violation of the planning laws, but using the Red Cross symbol for computer work? Definitely illegal!

  3. collynomial

    As Slightly Bemused notes, the use of the symbol of the international Red Cross is restricted by the Geneva Convention which is adopted into Irish Law under the “Geneva Conventions Act (1962)”

    Article 56 states:
    The use by individuals, societies, firms or companies either public or private, other than those entitled thereto under the present Convention, of the emblem or the designation “Red Cross” or “Geneva Cross”, or any sign or designation constituting an imitation thereof, whatever the object of such use, and irrespective of the date of its adoption, shall be prohibited at all times.

  4. DubLoony

    Am sure there is a by-law that could be involved for bad design alone.
    Red cross use is unforgivable.

  5. Joe Cavanagh

    I wonder if there’s more to this? It’s too blatant and I don’t think it’s as simple as somebody thinking any attention is good attention. “That looks awful. What idiots” doesn’t usually result in sales increase.

    There was a (still ugly) but more tasteful hand-painted title on the other side of the building that was graffited over. You can see it in the second photo. It would have been a prominent sign and I’m sure the company was more than peeved that somebody did that so flippantly.

    This roof ‘sign’ has appeared not long after. Were their dealings with the council less than ideal and they’ve gone and painted something this garish in anger to get a better dialogue with the council? A huge amount of theorising there, I know, but just feels like there’s more to this action than it seems.

    Along these lines – what’s happening lately with the unspoken rule of taggers leaving prominent or business-related features alone? Sure there’s exceptions with people who go too far but between spraying over this company’s sign and the massive tag on the roof of a building along the Liffey near O’Connell Bridge (very obvious from the dart) it seems like the line of what’s ok amongst their community is shifting.

  6. Fact Checker

    There has been writing on the adjacent roof as long as my memory allows (1986).

    I find the chaotic and ever-changing retail landscapes of Fairview/Phibsboro/Drumcondra//Rathmines quite charming actually.

    I have lived in places where public signage is dull and regulated and I much prefer Dublin.

  7. Gah!

    The jeweller’s a few doors down from it used to have a sign that read “ears pierced while you wait”.

  8. Stephen

    That part of Dublin is pretty ugly, I lived in a building visible in that photo for four years. I think the sign improves things a bit. Makes the place seem more quaint!

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