Squealy Bum Time



Homeowners have been advised to watch their backsides during floods after a man in the Midleton area was bitten by a rat while sitting on the toilet.

…Yesterday, Councillor Noel Collins reported the incident to Cork County Council during a Southern Area Meeting, after asking them to investigate the possibility of flushing rat poison through the sewer system.

Cllr Collins added: “I would advise homeowners to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors.”




Mind your bum… after rat bite on loo (Evening Echo, David Linnane)

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19 thoughts on “Squealy Bum Time

  1. ringusboreum

    Rat poison down the toilet ? Instant cure for all your wildlife ills ! frogs, fish etc. Genius surely.

      1. Sheikh Yabooti

        Easy. Just flush snakes down the cludgy. Then gorillas to catch the snakes when they become a problem.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Obviously Noel Collins is a complete moron.

      No wonder he got himself elected as a councillor then.

  2. Jaden

    I hope that poor rat is OK after biting that Langer. If I were Mr Rat, I would suggest an Tetanus shot, just in case.

  3. Cata

    Getting bit in the ass by a rat is every Cork persons’ sexual fantasy. Nothing to see here.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    I must admit that I am somewhat bemused by the fact that the toilet lid was originally invented for exactly that purpose: stopping rats getting into your home through the toilet. Plus ca change…

  5. Starina

    My favourite part of that story is people from Cork saying rat poison should be put in the water. smart, boyos.

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