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  1. Robert

    The original artist was obviously going for a brutalist delivery of a non-compliance message and I can appreciate how such minutiae as punctuation might unbalance the aesthetic. “to apostrophe or not apostrophe” if considered could be considered an informed design decision. “The vanishing apostrophe” is now a widely accepted design trope so I guess the artist not unreasonably felt her message would still be understood with this slightly more expedient delivery.

    That said, the second artist’s enhancement provides a clever juxtaposition of the original artist’s message with one that speaks of conformity being actually “okay” for example so that one doesn’t look silly using incorrect grammar or punctuation. Which further complements the original artist’s message by highlighting the omission of the apostrophe – which remember represents both disregard for classical rules while at the same time demonstrating adherence to modern typographical styles.

    The final sting in the tail is, as another commenter pointed out, that it is the “punctuation” that is in question rather than the “grammar” per se – which delivers a final message: “Judge not” – perhaps applicable to the grammar hawks of our times.

    I doubt any of those involved thought so much about what they were doing but there’s so much going on in such a simple piece. Lovely.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Give over

      There were no two separate Independent of each other Artists
      (If thats what we’re calling them)

      A Joint Venture Installation
      Is the most high brow I can go

      Old fashioned Wag (pre English Premiership hack) style Graffiti
      And in the vintage style of Jesus Saves
      —— but Dalglish gets the rebound!
      ——- not on my wages he doesn’t
      ( add yere own)

      It’s a good one tho

      1. Tony

        Ye’re not gr’eat at d’oul humour dere Frilly in f’h’airness! Like de little fella d’hat pipes up wit de lame joke when d’udder fellah tells a good one.


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