Was It For Liz?


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Yikes, Ma’am.

The eyes follows you around the Palace.

Frank O’Dea, at Balla Ban Gallery, Westbury Mall, Dublin 2 writes:

Remembering Queen Lizzie on her 90th birthday – To mark her 90th birthday today we’re selling prints for €19.16!

Meanwhile, she’s hiring


Balla Ban Gallery

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24 thoughts on “Was It For Liz?

    1. Lordblessusandsaveus

      It began when the working class starting read English tabloids and watching Eastenders, Corry, English Football, etc and starting acting like English peasants.

      Now the Dublin middle class like to think of themselves as more like the Home Counties types in England and prefer to play down the Gaelic Irish heritage by double barreling their names and calling their children Henry and Charlotte and going shopping in London as if it’s a trip to the Dundrum centre. 30 something couples want to be William and Kate.

      1. rotide

        Irish Women are obsessed with royalty. Men aren’t.

        Well, apart from Kate, because you would, wouldn’t you.

        1. Martina

          A lazy commoner who has the body of a teenage boy…I knew you had no standards but really?!

      2. Turgenev

        Plenty of Gaels have double-barrelled names too. What about Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde? What about McCarthy McMurrough Roe? What about Fiach Mac Hugh O’Byrne? We don’t have to be toadying lickspittle slaves to have multiple names!

      3. cluster

        Jaysus – the name Henry is a sign of insufficient loyalty to our (partial) Gaelic heritage now?

        The print is pathetic & seonin-like but you have managed to win the artist some sympathy with you narrow-mindedness.

        It doesn’t look like the Queen btw. It barely looks female.

    1. Lordblessusandsaveus

      Only the nouveau riche types who think living in an apartment in Ballsbridge is ‘posh’ and are a bit embarrassed that they are Irish because they think it’s unsophisticated.

      1. cluster

        Women of Ireland, not merely Dublin by any means.

        Hello magazine seems to do a fine trade in newsagents round the country.

      1. cluster

        The real reason for the term jackeen is the uncomfortable chip on their shoulder many Irish people have about urbanity & modernity. The working class in the city were more diverse in origin, less over-weeningly Catholic, included those of English/Jewish/European backgrounds and were dismissed as not really Irish – as jacks.

        Any auld excuse about supposed enthusiasm on a royal visit is only that.

        If you watched the Corkonians fawning over Liz during the visit a couple of years ago or listen to middle-aged women round Ireland going on about Kate’s baby, you’ll know that the jacks thing is a convenient fiction.

  1. Lordblessusandsaveus

    I’m sure some of the preppy Yanks who stay at the hotel next door will buy them thinking they’re quaint while not realising that Ireland doesn’t have a monarchy.

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