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This morning.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived by helicopter at the Giant’s Causeway in Co. Antrim where they were met by Northern Ireland’s first minister Arlene Foster (third pic).

‘I’m still alive’: Queen jokes on Northern Ireland visit – video (The Guardian)

Pics: Rebecca Black and The Royal Family

Hello you two.

A “sterile” zone is to be created around the Lyric Theatre in south Belfast this morning to prevent the press and public having any close access to the building where Queen Elizabeth and Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness are to meet face to face for the first time.

It seemed likely last night that the only media people permitted to record the event would be Peter Wilkinson, the Buckingham Palace cameraman, and Paul Faith, the Press Association’s photographer in Northern Ireland.

Mr McGuinness has already stated that he wants a photograph of the handshake to be published, adding that he did not “seek secrecy” in anything he did…


McGuinness To Meet Queen (Gerry Moriarty, Irish Times)