He Is Among Us



This afternoon.

Richard E Grant in Sligo.

Meanwhile, earlier…


Pic: Tourism Ireland

41 thoughts on “He Is Among Us

    1. SPAX

      the autistic lad badgermemes will b along soon to tell you that comment is wasted – it’s only himself who gets it.

      then one of his imaginary comrades will chip in with a remark that someone in the local pet shop thought you were him – and he couldn’t think of a better compliment for one man to pay to another

      don’t worry badger – I’ve done it for you. you can move on.

          1. SPAX

            we all ‘like’ him. it’s just that we don’t really want him around, making noise all the time.

          2. rory

            You make him/her sound like a right nuisance. I don’t agree at all. And I’m not saying that to be nice.
            There are a good few commenters who I find irritating, who dominate the comment sections of various posts. Bad at memes is definitely not one of them.

          3. rory

            Sorry Kieran, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘trolling of post about abuse’. Could you clarify?

          4. Kieran NYC

            There was a post the other week about child abuse. He decided to go off on one of his incoherent rants about something or other, making it all about him.

            Since he comments late at night, I see it, but a lot of his crap gets deleted by the morning.

          5. SPAX

            he’s a tool more than anything else

            amusing incident the other say when he forgot to log out as his girlfriend ‘catherine’ and got himself all in a muddle – got quite arsey too when one or two poked fun at it

      1. Kieran NYC

        Ironically he doesn’t drink – he’s allergic to alcohol*.

        *In the medical way, not the Cark way, gaaaaarl.

  1. Catherine McEntee

    @ Kieran

    You know Kieran, he was only rising you and others, for a bit of banter, a bit of craic. There was never any malice in it. I think you know that, deep down.

    He’s always texting and emailing me limericks and poems, here’s one he sent me yesterday:

    Me and Broadsheet, we gotta be parted.
    No-one’s gonna be broken-hearted.
    I need to concentrate,
    On me new-found soul-mate.
    And continue the love that we started.

      1. Catherine McEntee

        I thought the same, Rory.

        Thanks for your kind words about badatmemes. He’s a very entertaining, witty, intelligent man with a raw talent.

  2. Catherine McEntee

    @ Spanx

    How you have the audacity to continue to comment after using Autism as a means to mock and insult someone, is beyond me.

    Shame on you.

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