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Sligo students (mainly blokes) having it large.

Gurning to the dance of DEATH.

We’ve all been there.

Above from right: Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht Catherine Martin pictured with (l to r) Chair of the The Model board, Blaithín Gallagher and Director Emer McGarry

This afternoon.

The Model, The Mall, Rathquarter, Sligo.

Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht Catherine Martin visits the Jack B Yeats exhibition, examining the influence of Sligo and the West on the development of Yeats’ creative practice’.

The exhibition is ‘specially curated with physical distancing in mind’.

Jack B Yeats: A Thought of Sligo (The Model)

Leon Farrell /Photocall Ireland

The Irish History Show.

Episode 68: Bram Stoker and the Sligo Cholera Epidemic of 1832 (listen above).

Cathal Brennan writes:

We had Dr. Marion McGarry and Dr. Fiona Gallagher on to talk about Bram Stoker and the great cholera epidemic in Sligo in 1832.

Stoker’s mother Charlotte was from Sligo and lived through the outbreak in the town and wrote about her experience of it.

Marion and Fiona believe that it was these events, and Stoker’s interest in Irish folklore, that inspired Dracula….

Bram Stoker and the Sligo Cholera Epidemic (The Irish History Show)

Telly’s Normal People featuring Streedagh Strand, Tubbercurry, County Sligo; the area’s Fine Gael TD Frankie Feighan

Yesterday in the Dail.

The following Fine Gael TDs had this exchange:

Brendan Griffin: “Tourism Ireland has been very active online in promoting Ireland and imagery from Ireland. Very recently, that imagery included Sligo and some of the cinematography in “Normal People”, which was partly filmed there. They had to be selective with the cinematography as not everything is suitable for worldwide distribution from a tourism perspective. Sligo always looks fantastic on screen and Tourism Ireland has been working on that front so that when things start happening again, it will be able to get going as quickly as possible.”

Frankie Feighan: “With regard to “Normal People”, my father comes from Tubbercurry where much of it was filmed, and I like to think we are all normal people down there.”

YOU decide.

Previously: Porny People


At the weekend.

Berlin-based Sligo house duo Brame and Hamo (Tiarnan McMorrow, above left, and Conor Hamilton, above) played a gig in Bordeaux, France.

Afterwards, they were approached by a man from Bordeaux…

He came up to us and said “Amazing set guys, where are you from?” and I told him we were from Ireland. And he responded “I know your from Ireland, but where exactly?”

I said, you probably haven’t heard of it. Its a tiny place called Sligo. He was like “Nope, I’ve been to Sligo” and I was like – ‘Really? Are you sure?’

He then told me he had been in Belfast playing rugby and him and a few of his mates took a trip down to Sligo for a night out.

He eventually ended up in a nightclub called Velvet – at a techno gig, which we figured out that I was actually organising.

The young man told me it was a special night because he took his very first and what ended up being his last pill. Said he had the time of his life in the nightclub but it didn’t end there. His pals had texted him informing him of a house party in the student village.

He finished his drinks and with all the energy he had from the ecstasy he actually ran to the house party on his own. The student village is about 20 minutes walk from the club. On the way while running back he came across a horse beside the road. What happened next you won’t believe


At this point I was like ‘You are on the absolute wind up, I don’t know how you know all this but you definitely haven’t been to Sligo.’

He said he was serious and he got to the house where the party was. Pulled up to the door on a horse and his mates let him in.  He then managed to get a quick picture with the horse before passing out on the couch.

He was like – Hold on, ill get the photo. I was absolutely trembling. There’s no way I was standing outside a nightclub in France and this young fella was about to show me a photo of him on a horse at a house party in Sligo after taking his first/last eccie.

He took out his phone and went into the shared media with his pal that he was at the house party with….

…and There it is folks (above) – Three French lads and a horse in an apartment 5 minutes walk from my home house. Beautiful stuff.

Brame & Hamo

Save The Metal Man campaign group has launched its campaign to save the Metal Man in Rosses Point, Co Sligo, with the help of Westlife’s Shane Filan (pic five).

The group writes:

In any other county he would be a national monument but Rosses Point’s historic Metal Man is rusting away apparently unwanted, unpainted and certainly neglected by Sligo County Council.

Save The Metal Man (Facebook)

This morning.

Following the passing of abortion legislation in the Seanad last night

Sligo-Leitrim Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin writes:

So disappointed to see this morning that my busy constituency office in Sligo has been vandalised and defaced overnight. We live in a proud democracy and despite one’s opinion on any referendum, this behaviour can never condoned. Gardai on site investigating criminal damage.

Last night: End Of An Era