20 thoughts on “Alcohol

  1. Vote Rep #1

    Stay classy? Does being so self-righteous mean that you must also be extremely humourless as well?

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          People endlessly mock them as well because they are written by massive bellends.

  2. Daddy Wilson

    Don’t worry Buzz, they don’t want you drinking and neither do we.
    God knows you’d be a quivering bottom of the stairs pisser, crying about something or other after a couple of shandies.

    1. Otis

      You’re not allowed slag off buzz on this site. He’ll be along shortly to call you a gobpoo.

  3. irishstu

    What if your problem is a dirty computer screen? Or that you’re thirsty? Or that you need to make cheese?

  4. On The Buses

    Water or milk may not ‘solve problems’, but they certainly don’t cause nearly as much as alcohol does. I expect my boozebag brethren to call me a bleeding heart dry sh1te, but I’d imagine that’s just the drink talking.

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