For Your Consideration: Atlantic


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A documentary charting the politics of resource management in the North Atlantic – from the perspectives of three different fishing communities in Norway, Newfoundland and Ireland.

By Risteard Ó Domhnaill, of The Pipe, and narrated by Brendan Gleeson.

Eoin Kelly writes:

This documentary is getting released in cinemas across the country from this weekend and is well worth a watch. Its an eye-opener and shows how the Government has sold off our resources. It will make you angry to watch and its really important that it gets to as many viewers as possible.

See here for a full list of Atlantic screenings

7 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Atlantic

  1. dav

    the attempts to privarise our water supply by the blushirts is just another chapter to this nations failure to protect it’s resources

  2. Nigel

    Scary and depressing. I saw a tweet yesterday – somebody posted a picture of a book about the social and political impact of the potato along with a comment about how academics can write about anything. Sometimes people have a hard time seeing the things that are really important. The collapse of cod stocks crashed economies and changed history. The oceans are warming and the corals are bleaching and supertrawlers are turning swathes of ocean into deserts. If you think this won’t affect you, you’re a fool. if you don’t care you’re an even bigger fool, just not a lonely one.

  3. Rainy Day

    No people, don’t worry about this, have a read about drugs girl, Dublin gangster nicknames and Conor McFighterman …..these are the important issues….

      1. Rainy Day

        Thank you….quick everyone look!!!!! …………. Conor McFighterman is going to fight again …

  4. mico

    Beautifully shot. Well edited. Will see it but seems a little dubious like that one sided tissue of lies “The Pipe”.

    Where are those oil wells that our Government “gave away”?
    Why did it take three decades to get a relatively small gas field that will barely supply Ireland up and running?
    Why are all those bad oil/gas companies handing back their “giveaway” licences?

    Just because you’re against “the man” doesn’t mean you aren’t a massive troll. I say this as someone who votes Green and takes a serious interest in the environment. I await the shrill protests of those who just filled up at the local Shell, are sitting in a gas heated home and using a computer using Coal powered electricity.

  5. Truth in the News

    The Lenehans seem to figure in the give aways past and present and “honest”
    Jack gave away Kinsale Gas too……what was it 500 Dollars.

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