Bittersweet Sixteen


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Radio Times reports:

It was 100 years ago today that the first radio broadcast took place from Dublin, and stations across the Republic are marking the occasion on-air.

At 5.30pm – the exact time of the first morse code transmission on April 25th 1916 – IBI and RTÉ radio stations will come together to air a special feature on the birth of a nation, and the beginning of radio.

It’s an 80-second morse code themed radio experience titled “The Sound of Sixteen” which imagines the battling sounds and dangerous atmosphere of the times.

Stations unite for the Sound of Sixteen (Radio Time)

The Sound of Sixteen

Thanks Boys & Girls

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6 thoughts on “Bittersweet Sixteen

    1. Mickey Twopints

      A commemoration of important milestone in the history of radio broadcasting (not to mention the history of Ireland) and you cry foul?

  1. Truth in the News

    What type of transmitter was it, as it was hardly an amplitidude modulation one
    or has it reached a stage that even RTE or their fore runners Radio Eireann
    took part in 1916 too…..given their ability to only broadcast the Government
    line, I doubt if they have reported the rising at all, John Kilrane possibly might

  2. Cromuel

    “…One of the men was Fergus O’Kelly who had served with the Army Signal Corps and he managed to repair a 1.5 Kilowatt ship transmitter that the school used for teaching and training. With him was David Bourke an experienced Marconi operator and Bourke began broadcasting in Morse Code to any who could receive the signal. The message said: Irish Republic declared in Dublin today, Irish troops have captured the city and are in full possession. Enemy cannot move in city. The whole country rising.”

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