16 thoughts on “Safe, Like

    1. Owen

      That’s two posts from Cork today. One about how well endowed all the lads are, and then this. I feel noting unwarranted self-worth is apt….. but the overbearing aspect is my own opinion.

        1. Owen

          I know, sorry pal. I had to work today and I didn’t dumb down my mentality for the comments section, …..and nowhere near low enough for a Cork comments section.

          1. TheBeef

            Wow Owen, what Corkonian pissed in your cereal? Two posts about Cork in one day was just too much for ya, huh? It’s sunny, maybe get out and get some vitamin D and you’ll feel better.

  1. Termagant

    Have you ever tried to ride a motorcycle with a chain through the front wheel

    Neither have I, which is why I’m still alive

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