24 thoughts on “HOW Much?

  1. Owen C

    You went into a “gourmet popcorn” shop dude. What the fupp did u expect was gonna happen?

  2. ethereal

    Did you not look at the price before you bought it…or did you just want to take a pic to post on here. Either way… prat

  3. The People's Hero

    Jesus here we go again.

    600g is a crap load of popcorn. That or it’s a lot more dense like that kettle corn I see in the US.

    A regular bag of Manhattan cost what – a euro or so? That’s 30g. Their big ass bag costs about €3 and that’s 100g.

    So I wonder how much was spend by commenters here on booze and fags this weekend?

  4. Rugbyfan

    We all need to stop commenting on these silly posts…..’yeah Joe I agree with your previous caller and I called in to voice my disgust’ …etc

    Less comments and these posts will disappear!

      1. rotide

        Are you one of these deluded people that think broadsheet’s popularity is down to it’s comments?

  5. Kolmo

    Next they’ll have Gourmet Munch L’Monsteur, Gourmet Crépe croustillant de Findus – and the saps will come, the saps will pay, because they are saps.

  6. Murtles

    I was so outraged that I punched my PC monitor and broke it. I have purchased a new one and will be sending you the €227.50 bill Mr Daly. Add that to the price of you popped corn.

  7. rotide

    I’ve been there, it’s lovely popcorn.

    Being blessed with two eyes I was able to fully take in the price they wanted for it and was happy to pay it.

  8. Termagant

    What is it they do to the corn? How is the manner in which they pop the corn “gourmet”? Is it popped on a vintage Italian cast iron stove formerly used by Mussolini himself? Is the butter imported from darkest Siam?

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