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      1. My Meat is Murder

        Unreal. I often wonder why some celebrities don’t get together to deal with tabloid scum for good

    1. some old queen

      It is cheap and cheerful, a bit like the Sunday World except it cost €2,50 I think and they have a full week to think up the fiction. Sunday World (NI) is a comic at this stage.


  1. Abbey

    Fair play to Guards. The pay rates are disgusting.

    The problems that will inevitably arise should be obvious. We need a high quality, well equipped force with motivated Guards who are well paid. We ask them to put their lives on the line and take orders unquestioningly.

    Shatter has a lot to answer for. As does Frances. Whoever fixes this problem will be remembered.

    The real concern I have is that Kenny and/or the civil servants won’t allow it because there is simply no more money in the coffers. Ireland is no longer economically sovereign. It’s even worse than before, it’s just we’ve gotten used to the new reality and dress it up as a “recovery”. Not only that, fear of public sector pay “flood gates” opening is enough to frighten any Minister for Justice from doing the right thing. Who’ll protect when there is public disorder, protests and renegades on the streets? The Gardai and army were incredibly stretched in Dublin this weekend with all the Sinners who mobilise well and are gathering a lot of momentum.

    My view is that a “front line” category of worker (Guards, army, doctors, nurses, teachers, firemen, etc.) should be created who are pension levy and USC exempt. The “new entrant” band should be removed across the board.

    Anyway, my views are irrelevant. As far as I can see, the country is teetering on the brink all over again. Taking a chance with a yellow pack police force is one of many gaping holes in the country’s governance (or lack thereof).

  2. Murtles

    Classy Daily Star. It always seems to be dead people that they reveal the most sordid secrets of. S’pose ya can’t sue from the graveyard.

  3. ollie

    “The Gardai and army were incredibly stretched in Dublin this weekend with all the Sinners ”

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