You May Like This: Le Galaxie



Le Galaxieplaying around the country this weekend

What you may need to know…

1. Dublin’s Le Galaxie bring unashamed, unabashed dancey, indie, ’80s-y synthpop to the fore, and have done so while becoming one of the country’s best live bands, when not dabbling in DJing under the moniker.

2. Having done the rounds previously as alt-rockers 66e, the four-piece regrouped in 2008, quickly garnering a following around the country and making their way around the world, from headlining Body & Soul, Sea Sessions and Castlepalooza, to SXSW and the Secret Garden Party. This summer sees them take on London’s Lovebox fest and Fiberfib fest in Benicassim, Spain.

3. 2011 saw them release debut album Laserdisc Nights II to wild applause from Irish music media, followed by 2012’s Fade 2 Forever EP.

4. Streaming above is the video for Love System, a live favourite and a tune that’s been tapped as a leadoff for two releases now, featuring on Fade 2 Forever before assuming its final, sleazily sax-laden form on Universal-released second album Le Club with this Feel Good Lost-directed visual accompaniment.

5. Their next excursion is for the May bank hollier – Friday sees them hit Waterford’s Central Arts, before heading out to the Wild West: the reopened and reawesomised Connolly’s of Leap happening this Saturday night. Sunday sees them play Dingle’s Féile na Bealtaine fest.

Verdict: The soundtrack to any neon, futuristic cinemascape you can imagine, from cool long-shot cities, to weepy end-credit belters, melted down and poured onto the tumult and movement of a packed dancefloor.

Le Galaxie

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13 thoughts on “You May Like This: Le Galaxie

  1. Miq

    Very poor band. Saw them twice. Done absolutely nothing for me. And many others. But they have people who like them. Nobody I know mind.

    1. rotide

      I’ve seen them a good few times and really liked them. They were the best thing I saw at westport a couple of years ago.

      Horses for courses

  2. rob

    Terribly dreary stuff, trying so hard to be Random Access Memories Daft Punk but ending up sounding like Spandau Ballet on a bad day.

  3. rory

    Ye man seems to be a good actor. Rúaidhrí Conroy is his name. He was in Six Shooter, that short film by Martin McDonagh that won an oscar. He couldn’t attend the ceremony because he wasn’t allowed into the U.S.
    Seems talented. I’d like to see him in more stuff.

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