Neil Richardson writes:

Spotted while rambling along the West Cork coast yesterday afternoon. Remind you of anything?


Jack Cork addz:

Drain could be Lough Neagh?!

Ah come on, now.

The Broadsheet Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland, edityed by Aidan Coughlan (New Island, €5)

13 thoughts on “Lake Eire

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Standards are slipping here lads. That drain one is not within the accepted parameters. Out of gamut.

  2. jonjo

    Second one is just a wet patch – no divine intervention here.
    First one passable, clare/kerry have let themselves go though.

  3. Anne

    I took a photo of a piece of rasher once- or bacon if there’s any yanks reading, that looks exactly like all 32 counties.. Must send it in sometime. My lover was about to munch into it.. and I sez stop my love, don’t put that near your gob till I take a photo of it, it looks exactly like Ireland, and there’s still crowd who are into that sort of thing. We nearly fell out over it, his rasher went cold by the time I took the photo, but love conquers all… I heated it up in the microwave.

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