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This afternoon.

Counting for the Seanad elections in Trinity College Dublin.

Do you remain confused by the Seanad electoral process?

Don’t worry. It’s designed that way.

There are 60 seats in the senate.

Six senators are elected by graduates —  three each by the National University of Ireland and Trinity College Dublin.

43 are elected by local councillors, TDs and out-going senators to five panels [culture and education, agriculture, labour, industry and commerce, and public administration].

And 11 senators are nominated by the Taoiseach, whomever that might be.

Unfair Fight!!

Former TDs secure Seanad seats as election count continues (breakingnews)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Good Room

        1. The Old Boy

          Graduates, not students, elect the University seats. The very low turnout points to a rather older demographic having more influence.

          1. Malta

            Are there many elderly nuns who are NUI graduates? Genuine question.

            Another point worth considering is that there are likely more male voters…

  1. DubLoony

    All look very civilised, unlike the fighting pits in the RDS in #GE16.

    If you missed it the first time, it will be repeated soon!

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