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Michael Collins Travel Blanket

Michael Collins and the Michael Collins blanket from Foxford Woolen Mills

Anything good at The Irish Workshop (online home of Irish-made crafts and whatnot)?

Charmaine Kenny writes

In a time when we are commemorating the Republic of Ireland’s formation, Co. Mayo-based Foxford Woollen Mills have recreated and released a blanket that is part of Irish history.

Around the time of the foundation of the Irish State, Foxford presented a specially commissioned travel rug to Michael Collins to mark his appointment to Commander in Chief of the newly established Irish Army.

The blanket was in his armoured car at his ambush at Béal na Bláth in August 1922, and was recovered at Shanakiel Hospital by a nurse who later donated it to the National Museum of Ireland.

Foxford had once previously recreated the rug – for the movie Michael Collins. The colours in the rug reflect the colors of the original Irish flag – green, white and gold.

Michael Collins Rug (The Irish Workshop)

24 thoughts on “Security Blanket

  1. lydia

    I don’t think it’s in the national museum anymore as it seems the curator handed it over to a member of the public who claimed to be the rightful owner, without questioning him thoroughly.

    1. Bónapart Ó Cúnasa

      Agree. I think where this comes from, though, is that Robert Emmet did use the colours green, white and gold on his uniform – 50 years before our tricolour was invented – but he never put them in a flag.

  2. Tish Mahorey

    Great bit of cashing in on an Irish historical figure though all the same. Well done to the MBA who came up that one.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Just like the Shinners and their exhibit for eight months in The Ambassador.

      Foxford has a genuine direct connection with this product.

      Two sides, same coin.
      Just sayin’, make of that what you will.

  3. Chris

    Poor Mick all tucked up warm in his blankey and then ‘crack’ right between the eyes from a sniper. The legend reads that he had said ‘they won’t shoot me in my own country’ while those present all know what he really said, ‘they won’t shoot me in me own blankey’.

  4. Caroline

    – Here you go Michael, blanket to keep your knees warm in the car.
    – Thanks.
    – It’s in the colours of the flag.
    – Nice.
    – Just put it over your knees and there’ll be no mistaking you.
    – What?
    – No mistaking your support for Irish design and crafts.

  5. ahjayzis

    I’m selling genuine reproductions of the g-string DeValera wore the day he formed Fianna Fail.

  6. Truth in the News

    I wonder did the Sisters of Charity who ran the Foxford Mills provide many rugs
    and blankets to all the children that were entrusted to their care in the numerous
    orphanages and homes that they had throughout Ireland.
    And finally Dev might be responsible for lot of things, but he did not shoot Collins.
    it is doubtfull if he could make up his mind to do it in the first place, anyways he
    he always avoided being directly involved.

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