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And a cardboard cut-out of Michael Collins.


This morning.

Dublin City University.

Fine Gael Senator Barry Ward (left) at a Young Fine Gael table for DCU’s open day, manned by two Michael Collins-masked YFG members, Cormac Docherty (centre) and Thomas Scallon.

Cult of personality.

Give or take a consonant.

Pic via Barry Ward

For your consideration.

‘Uimhir 6’.

The story of 6 Harcourt Street.

Deirdre Ní Choistín writes:

6, Harcourt Street is known as the most historic house in Dublin. Since its beginning in Georgian Dublin it has been home to a Unionist MP, Irish revolutionaries and a Catholic Saint. It saw action in 1916 and played a key role during Ireland’s Revolutionary period including the decision to found Dáil Éireann and was also where Michael Collins had his office when Minister for Finance. It has been Conradh na Gaeilge’s headquarters since 1966 and has played its part in rejuvenating the language in the capital city and nationally.

The story of the building itself gives a fascinating insight into how Dublin and Ireland changed through the years. Its walls have witnessed monumental decisions that have had far-reaching consequences. A cradle of thought, debate and action that that helped mould life in Ireland.

Uimhir 6 on Wednesday, April 14 at 9:30pm.

Pic: New Departures Media


Michael Collins Travel Blanket

Michael Collins and the Michael Collins blanket from Foxford Woolen Mills

Anything good at The Irish Workshop (online home of Irish-made crafts and whatnot)?

Charmaine Kenny writes

In a time when we are commemorating the Republic of Ireland’s formation, Co. Mayo-based Foxford Woollen Mills have recreated and released a blanket that is part of Irish history.

Around the time of the foundation of the Irish State, Foxford presented a specially commissioned travel rug to Michael Collins to mark his appointment to Commander in Chief of the newly established Irish Army.

The blanket was in his armoured car at his ambush at Béal na Bláth in August 1922, and was recovered at Shanakiel Hospital by a nurse who later donated it to the National Museum of Ireland.

Foxford had once previously recreated the rug – for the movie Michael Collins. The colours in the rug reflect the colors of the original Irish flag – green, white and gold.

Michael Collins Rug (The Irish Workshop)


Michael Collins (1996) is getting the 20th anniversary treatment.

Neil Jordan’s film – starring the late Hans Gruber as Eamonn de Valera, Liam Neeson as the Big Fella and Julia Roberts as the Voice of Ireland – might not be historically accurate, but it’s still a great watch.

As part of this year’s ADIFF [Audi Dublin International Film Festival] , there will be a special screening on February 20 at the Savoy Cinema, followed by an on-stage Q&A with Jordan and cinematographer Chris Menges (The Killing Fields, The Mission).

Festival director Grainne Humphreys sez:

“Everyone remembers the excitement in Dublin when it was being filmed and so many people were part of it as extras. The resulting film was and is the great film of the period from Neil Jordan at the height of his filmmaking powers. I expect it will resonate with the festival audience just as beautifully as it did 20 years ago.”

A Blu Ray edition with new director’s commentary is released on 4th March, and the digital format will be in cinemas nationwide from March 18.

Audi Dublin International Film Festival

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